View Full Version : Mental problems caused by TBI, ADHD or childhood abuse?

02-13-17, 07:48 AM
Hello, since childhood I had often problems keeping focus, forgetting things, having frequent insomnia and brainfog, unable to normally socialize, missing to hear details in conversations. I also often lacked motivation to complete important tasks but love doing things that give a lot stimulation such as playing video games and spending time in nature. I'm have very little social life and very introverted, in fact I have little friends and still can't get girlfriend being 27. These problems caused me a lot of suffering, desperation.
After failure in job and near risk of getting fired I started visiting psychologist and psychiatrist. Also I was directed to go to neurologist as I had TBI and doctor thinks maybe pressure is problem. Psychologist found that I have incoherent attention, good long term memory but poor short term. He also thinks that my could have been caused by childhood abuse as my family was for decades terrorized by violent alcoholic father as well abuse in school. I also do had anxiety and depression but I learned to deal with that myself since nobody would help.

At mid of age 6 I had injury to skull with piece of tile falling from roof. I still remember bloody hands but surprisingly I felt almost no pain and was fully conscious. I do have sometimes minor headaches in area where is dent.
It's hard exactly to tell how much these event contributed to mental disorders but hopefully maybe I could learn something from folks who had similar things happening in their lives.

02-13-17, 09:19 PM
What needs be said other than being concussed as a child, especially multiple times, is certainly liable to muss your melon.

Would I be as I am now anyway, or did having my bell rung such that it was leave me addled?

No way to know, but Dex works a treat, and what is done cannot be undone, so onward and upward.


02-23-17, 08:18 PM
Mines from all 3 and x hubby abuse I had ADHD before the TBI

03-27-17, 09:13 PM
Wow, I can so relate! Raging alcoholic dad, TBI at 21, around 24 spiraled into depression and didn't fully emerge until 28. Social anxiety and intense emotional reactions since birth almost. Fast forward to 42, Struggling still from horrible stress over last 5 years, desperately seeking long overdue answers. I meet so many criteria for PTSD, Bipolar, BPD and what the heck, let's put dyslexia, aphasia and a big fill in the blank too. But my only official diagnosis are ADHD, age 35, Anxiety and Depression since mid 20's. It's tiring having to chase all of this down myself while trying to keep my head above water and my poor little family together. Going for med check tomorrow and going to insist on full eval, which I've never had. About time!