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02-15-17, 11:34 AM
Hello everyone! I am new to this forum, but not new to ADHD. I recently went awhile without treatment and medication, and could feel myself spiraling out of control. I sought out treatment, and this physician confirmed the previous diagnosis of ADHD and generalized anxiety, but she also diagnosed me with OCD.

I was put on low starting doses of Vyvanse, Zoloft, and Buspar. In the past I have only taken Vyvanse and Benzos. My anxiety is getting the best of me and worrying about taking all 3 of these meds together. I trust the doctor, but still worry it's too much. The buspar was prescribed take up to twice a day "as needed," but I wonder how that could be if that med needs to build up in your system. The doctor mentioned she wanted me to feel what the buspar felt like for me, and she thought I would inevitably end upon all 3 regularly.

Has anyone else taken this combo? I have checked interactions and keep seeing warnings of seratonin syndrome. Should I proceed with all 3 for the next two weeks until my checkup, or maybe hold off on the buspar?

02-15-17, 02:10 PM
I take a similar cocktail. I take cymbalta, adderall and buspar. Buspar should not be taken as needed and it is not for acute anxiety. It does need to build up in your system and you likely wont even know if its working for a few weeks. For me it was just like one day waking up and realizing that the anxiety wasnt paralysing me anymore. But it wasnt anything I would say was mood altering or remotely like a benzo.
I think zoloft is an ssri right? The seratonin syndrome is not as common but very real, very dangerous and not to be ignored. My cymbalta is a SNRI which works pretty well with the buspar. My only issue is...should a doc who thinks buspar is an as needed drug that works quickly even be recommending and prescribing you these meds? I would print out the info sheet and show her just for the hell of it. Its always interesting to see if doctors admit their mistakes.

02-15-17, 02:45 PM
I believe I will need to call her office for clarification on the as needed part of buspar. I think what she really meant was to take it for the 2.5 weeks in between appointments and then we will see if it seems to be needed. She told me in the appointment that both Zoloft and Buspar have to build up in your system. The prescription bottle of Buspar states "take one to two tablets as needed." That is what threw me off. I really think she intends on me to be on all three for the long haul, but after looking up interactions between the three naturally the potential of seratonin syndrome makes me very anxious.

I'm only on day 2 of the medications but I have been taking all three and ignoring the "as needed" portion since I know Buspar isn't an instantly working medication.