View Full Version : Ritalin vs. Biphentin?

02-15-17, 09:34 PM
Biphentin releases 40% immediately, and 60% later in controlled release.

Ritalin is much less expensive than Biphentin. I tried Concerta, and the extended release about 8-10 hours later gives me a lot of anxiety, a crash. I tried Biphentin, and I had no crash (I am guessing because the 60% extended release is quicker & doesn't trickle out as long as Concerta does).

I have a high tolerance to stimulants. I needed 50mg of Biphentin to reach therapeutic effects with lasting DoE. I may need higher to get appropriate on-label DoE.

I am wondering how Ritalin compares to something like Biphentin. Three 20mg Ritalin IR pills costs about 90 cents. Thirty days would be less than $30. That's cheaper than monthly prescription coverage costs. Biphentin would cost closer to $60 for the same amount (60mg).

For those who have tried Biphentin (or something similar), how do you find taking Ritalin every 4-5 hours?