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06-05-05, 11:46 PM
Dr Annick Vincent present her new book on ADHD this week.

Place: Robert Giffard, Quebec City
Date: June, 8, 2005. 6:30 PM

The book is in french. You can get more information there:

I go to the conference and plan to buy the book.

admin = me - The book is in French and the link you posted is in French and you haven't even introduced yourself. How are we to know this isn't another of the gazillion other spam posts we see here trying to exploit this fine and captive audience for profit.

Please tell us all about yourself. It would be very cool to hear the details from you. I'll have the contents of the link translated and post back here as soon as I can if it's appropriate. I have a daughter headed to Quebec this summer but my French is pretty lame. ;)

06-06-05, 06:21 PM
Courtesy of Google translation tools. Here is Ms. Wiess referenced again. ;)

My brain STILL needs glasses
The TDAH in the adult

<hr align="left" width="35%"> The TDAH appears as of childhood by symptoms of carelessness, hyperactivity or impulsiveness. The tools to reduce the symptoms of them act like glasses for the brain by helping it to concentrate or by slowing down the fidgets. More half of the children reached of TDAH keep symptoms at the adulthood of them. They thus need STILL glasses and have advantage to know which are the tools available for them, the large ones.

With the wire of the humorous winks and alive testimonys, the reader discovers the clinical symptoms, the scientific literature and the pharmacological treatments available to treat this neurological disorder. This guide offers moreover one crowd of effective easy ways and of tricks practise especially conceived to help the adults reached -- and those which surround them -- with better living with the TDAH with the daily newspaper.

"This book accessible exposes clearly and simply knowledge to the fine point of research on the TDAH to the adulthood"
Margaret Weiss, doctor psychiatrist

"Finally a French guide on the TDAH! This book is essential to all the adults who live with this disorder, as with all the professionals of health who have to intervene with these customers "
Martin Lafleur, neuropsychologist

"Excellent mine of tricks practise everyday life! The book of DRE Vincent, with the approach lives and dynamic which characterizes it so well, roof a great vacuum in the diffusion of information of quality on the TDAH in the adult "
Daniel Létourneau, adult reached of a TDAH and
Cofounder and former president of the Association of parents PANDA of the MRC the Assumption

DR Vincent
02-22-07, 11:43 PM
I am pleased to see that my book on ADHD for kids 'Mon cerveau a besoin de lunettes' was noticed by someone from this forum. I wanted to tell you that it is now translated in English and available at Academie Impact in Quebec ( 1-888-848-3747) under the title of My Brain Needs Glasses. I wrote also a book especially designed for adults, My Brain Still Needs Glasses. Hope you enjoy :)

03-21-07, 10:24 PM
Nice to see you on the forum Dr vincent. It's a good news that your book has been translated into English. Most books on adhd are long and tedious reading while yours is concise and colorful. I have the french edition and it's a nice introduction to ADHD. I made it available to my family so they could understand what adhd is.

DR Vincent
01-10-08, 06:42 PM
Hello, My Brain Still Needs Glasses is now also available in English. I also have completed a website (,
Happy 2008!