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06-06-05, 12:10 AM
I love roasting a chicken using this method.

Insert an opened can of beer (1/3 poured out) into the stuffing cavity of a roasting chicken. Stand it upright - legs standing on surface, supported by can as base. Rub with favorite seasoning..olive oil, herbs or a rub. Place on grill and slow roast. gas grills offer a bit more control for temps. I have also used the oven- placing the chicken on a cookie tray. Depending on the size of the chicken, it will take about an hour.

Variations - Mt Dew, 7 up cola cans work well. A lemon wine mixture poured into a can is my favorite.

The concept is that the fat drips away from the bird and it cooks from both the inside and the outside. It comes out juicy and tender.

capt kylos
06-06-05, 11:17 AM
I have experiance with this way of cooking a bird and you will get the most moist chicken you have ever tried. Also try smoking with apple or cherry wood with the beer can chicken. Thanks Got2focus. Capt K:)

01-31-06, 04:58 AM
so its a beer flavoured chicken??

one idea ive seen on TV and ive had it myself, is you quater lemons and stuff that inside the chicken while roasting. that's nice.