View Full Version : Building a timer app and would like user thoughts

02-19-17, 01:42 AM

I am designing an mac osx/ios pomodoro/timer app to help stop me from hyperfocusing and make me productive.

I personally am dissatisfied with the choices out there but since people other than me will be users, I'm asking for everyone's feedback on just a few simple user research questions

Do you use a timer/pomodoro app on.....

If so, what do you find the most useful bout it would find it useful?

Thanks in much

04-30-17, 03:11 PM
Pomodoro-ing since... forever? At least the last 5-6 years.

On iPhone, I use "Focus Keeper". But my main Pomodoro app I created myself. (I think I'm only user lol) But benefits are, ability to "manually add" pomos (in case I tracked that session with Focus Keeper", and a history view for me to see how I am doing this week, compared to the last 6 or so weeks.

So accuracy with my pomodoros is my biggest concern. If "Focus Keeper" had a web app, ability to manually edit pomos and great history view, it'll be great.