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02-19-17, 11:12 PM
Hello, I'm new here (odviously) and I'm not sure which thread to post this is so this one looked like the the one closest. But anyways I'm 16 and have been struggling with ADD like symptoms most of my life along with general anxiety and depression becoming more apparent within the past 5 years. My mother is somewhat aware, we have talked in depth on 2 occasions about this and she mentioned getting me checked out several months ago.
I want to talk about setting an appointment soon but i don't think this is a serious thing. Since she herself doesn't see me struggling. How do I go about asking her for help? She's the type of person who puts things off if its not very critical or not dealing with her.

I really need help and everyone i talk to says go to a doctor, get a diagnosis, i just need her to co operate so i can move on.

P.s. this has nothing to do with what i was talking about but doesnt anyone get annoyed with trying to search for ADD stuff but all you get is ADHD things?

02-19-17, 11:47 PM
Welcome to the forum!

Since you're 16, convincing your mother is just about your only option. However, there might be things you can do or material you can show her that you may not have thought of yet.

For example, if you had YouTube links for videos of doctors explaining what's going on, do you think she would watch them, either with you (best) or by herself (maybe better than nothing)?

And what do your teachers say? Do any of them see what's going on? If there's a good teacher who "gets it", would your mom listen to them?

Note: ADD as a separate condition is not recognized anymore. They all count under ADHD now. That's why. The truth hasn't changed, but the words have different definitions now.

02-20-17, 05:29 AM
Do you struggle in school? Has any teacher suggested you have struggles? Do your grades suffer?

02-22-17, 09:18 PM
It's all ADHD nowadays ... What used to be ADD is now called ADHD-Inattentive ... as in having trouble with attention and focus ...

I will break the news to you: there is a whole lot in common between the inattentive folks and the hyperactive folks.

Anyway, welcome... You can talk to your doctor ... or just directly talk to your mother .... You are starting a conversation ... might take some time to push her along ... but go ahead and start.

Good luck.