View Full Version : Are racing thoughts anxiety or OCD? Will Strattera help?

02-20-17, 01:50 PM
My son has recently been started on Strattera and is just titrating up to 25mg. He is very depressed right now due to the racing thoughts in his head and he is not sleeping well at all. Will the Strattera help with these issues and is it OCD or anxiety? I'm feeling so confused and lost with what to do for him.

02-20-17, 02:19 PM
What are his diagnosis'?

02-20-17, 02:35 PM
So far his diagnosis is ADD and anxiety but we are going to go for a psychological evaluation, although not til April :(

He tells me his thoughts won't stop and it affects every aspect of his life right now. He isn't working anymore and he can barely concentrate on school work. He finds no ability to watch TV or anything that requires concentration because of the constant worry thoughts.

02-20-17, 02:49 PM
You need to call that doctor's office and get him seen RIGHT AWAY ASAP. It makes no sense to wait until April and watch him suffer. If they tell you they dont have anything AFTER you have explained what is going on, ask them where you should be referred to because your child cant live this way anymore. Im guessing they will refer you to the ER for an eval or referral somewhere and that's the exact route you need to be looking at. Waiting is torture. I dont care how you get him looked at or whether its in an office or a hospital- he must be seen because he needs help- more than you are able to give him.

02-23-17, 08:07 PM
It's helping me out so far I'm high anxiety and ptsd no OCD in my case