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02-21-17, 11:02 AM
If you don't want to read this novel: Attentin is Dexadrine in Germany. It's a dexamfetaminhemisulfat. No Adderall. ADD in adults is not really recognized and this med must be prescribed off label.

Hello there! I'm new to posting but I have lurked off and off for a bit. I grew up with a diagnosed sibling who had other issues that went untreated. His ADD was the focus of my home and consumed my parents attention. I showed symptoms but they weren't attributed to ADD.

Anyways, grew up and went through some traumatic stuff that forever changed my life to this day. I was finally diagnosed in 2015. I also suffer from depression, anxiety, and PTSD. I've done tons of counseling and continue to seek help to stay on track.

Enough back story, I got the opportunity to travel to Berlin with my spouse for him to attend a work event and for me to sightsee and just have some fun in another country with my husband. I packed everything needed except enough ADD medication, Adderall 20mg 2x daily, and realized I was screwed. I also have a horrid cold thanks to the kiddos in our life.

I'm in Berlin and look up English speaking doctors. I wanted some Advil Cold and Sinus for my cold. I felt if I could get a few days of ADD meds then great but I wasn't feeling confident due to reading how Germans don't fully acknowledge adult ADD and many doctors are unfamiliar with anything other than Ritalin.

As many know in the states certain cold meds must be purchased at the pharmacy counter with a driver's license due to strict laws to prevent illegal diversion of pseudoephedrine. We'll in Germany you need a script and most doctors are clueless. I was asked if I was asking for a shot of adrenaline! Ummmm no.

I ended up getting an antibiotic for my severe cold? I'm happy now because I probably need it due to early pain. Anyways I ask about Adderall and show a script from my doctor back home that I hadn't filled yet.

The doctor who was also American and spoke perfect English and he was confused. He really thought I was asking for illegal drugs!!!! He then left the room to consult a colleague. An hour later he realizes what I'm asking for in terms of the cold meds with pseudoephedrine and the ADD med.

Not all doctors can write ADD meds. They need a special stamp. Thankfully his colleague had one so yay! I just asked for 5 days worth which is the length of my stay. All of this took time and patience. Then at the pharmacy more time and patience.

So, if you are ever in Berlin, Germany and need meds in a pinch here is what you do. I have no clue about long term prescribing but I doubt it. First, know the name of the med in German. The exact brand name. There is no such thing as Adderall or its generic. You'll have to get Attentin 5mg tablets which are called a dexamfetminhemisulfat. Basically Dexadrine. They do know what Ritalin but that's it. Message me for specific details as I don't want to get in trouble for mentioning the emergency doctor who helped me so much.

Btw Advil Cold and Sinus is Aerinaze. Just in case you were wondering. Totally unrelated to ADD but ummmm just a bit of info that is handy.

02-21-17, 06:45 PM
If you want some pseudoephedrine just ask at the pharmacy for ASPIRIN COMPLEX.
It contains some and you dont need a prescription.