View Full Version : feeling too sleepy at night

02-22-17, 05:39 AM
So, I'm on Methylphenedate extended release 20mg for the past 2weeks. So far so good, but I am still all over the place, forgetful, silly mistakes, going off the tangent with every chance I get, procrastinating, etc.
I noticed that I am less overwhelmed, less anxious at work. I am less reactive and less mad with my children. People don't seem to have to repeat themselves to me too often. I actually could write a word while someone spell it out to me over the phone, and it used to just mess my head and I had to ask so many times till I get it right. I only had to ask one more time.

I found that I don't feel like empty shell at the end of the day. I used to feel like engine was burnt off and I couldn't do anything after work until midnight. Now, I start to feel sleepy around dinner time which is really unusual for me. Now I understand how it feels to naturally unwind. I had problem with sleeping all my life. I literally had to be exhausted physically or mentally to be able to fall asleep even hours after I get into bed.

Now, I don't remember much of my dream anymore. I used to have vivid colourful dream everyday which I kind of miss having. I feel refreshed in the morning like I feel like I had enough sleep. I don't have to drag myself out of the bed, but finding that I am unaware of alarm bells. Before I started taking meds, I was able to hit the snooze buttons as soon as I hear it. But now, I must be in deep sleep, I don't seem to hear it. So I have set 3 alarms instead of 2 alarms.

The above must be a good thing, but night time after kids were asleep was my only chance to study and catch up on my work, so it is affecting those areas. I tried to force myself to do it, but I find that I am unable to kick my sleepiness away. I tried studying in the morning, but my hyperactive baby wake up crying if I am not there in the morning. I think I have to just give up doing stuff during weekdays, but really have to catch up on those work, feeling desparate.
I have to submit a case study and a whole portfolio which is overdue...

I wondered if there is any suggestions. I wonder if I should ask Dr if I could have short acting one for the weekend, so that I could use it while I try to get the work and study stuff done during weekends. I have 2more week worth of meds, but I wondered if I should ask for a med review now. Or am I being too hasty? any insights appreciated. Thank you.