View Full Version : When Sandoz is gone, what brand?

02-23-17, 01:01 PM
I started on the football shaped Teva generics. They were good to start with but since getting Sandoz i realize that the Tevas were weaker. Still the side effects were minimal. So maybe a higher dose of Teva? Would love to hear thoughts.

Little Missy
02-23-17, 04:06 PM
I have no idea. Yet.

Teva moved from Israel to India fairly recently. My druggist shook his head "no" when I asked for it. It is no longer the same.

I re-filled today and he beamed saying he still had plenty of Sandoz for me.
When it really is gone I'll go back to Zenzedi Dex. Until then, Sandoz. I used to really like the Teva's better- like 6 years ago- but with Sandoz I can take smaller amounts and stretch it out. I suppose I'll end up with Core if I want to trade off. :scratch:

02-23-17, 05:35 PM
Are we sure Sandoz is going away? I just picked up 30 pills because they didn't have my full 60 count yesterday. They had to order more, I would think there wouldn't be a new order of Sandoz, but alas, I got Sandoz. Didn't even request it.

Little Missy
02-23-17, 05:40 PM
My druggist did say they were going away but he said today that he has plenty for now. No one else wants them where I live. :D

02-26-17, 11:41 PM
If the below holds true then Sandoz may only be phasing out the last of their native production to open way for distributing generic formulations manufactured at Shire under their label. Sandoz would likely wipe Teva off the map.

02-28-17, 09:16 PM
I was told by a pharmacist that Sandoz did not discontinue its IR version. He told me that they had been in the process of assigning a new NDC number, NDC number is 00185086401. He had just finished filling a script for Sandoz.