View Full Version : Vyvanse and Wellbutrin XL and cigarettes

02-25-17, 02:51 AM
I started ADHD stimulant medication May 2014(26 months total since there was a time I stopped for months). I'm prescribed 50mg Vyvanse right now.I'm also a nicotine addict since 2009(Doctor doesn't know though my PCP does) and its got worse since taking medication. Like I mean from average 10 cigarettes a day to 1-2 packs a day for 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. I'm only going to be 24 in May and I'm scared of the negative consequences as I should be since I've experience a lot already.

I got Wellbutrin XL 150mg prescribed by my PCP in September for smoking/ADHD and I tried it and somehow managed to finished 30 day bottle over the next 3-4 months since I didn't like the anxiety,irritability,insomnia it gave me which never even went away with weeks at a time of taking it.It also didn't compare to traditional stimulants to help focusing on college classes.I will admit when I take it does completely take away my cravings for cigarettes and if I do smoke just for the sake of it(rarely while on it)I do not get a rush because of the nicotine agonist effects of Wellbutrin.Cigarettes also taste different,its like the smoke is not nearly as thick and the throat hit doesn't register.Again I'd say its because Wellbutrin is nicotine agonist like Chantix. It's like wasting money on cigarettes because I can't enjoy it. That still didn't have me respect the medication since the side effects are terrible.

I got a refill on my own one Tuesday night a couple weeks go just cause. I tried it yesterday with the Vyvanse to see how it interacted out of curiosity. I was scared I was going to have intense anxiety like I did one time on Wellbutrin XL 150mg with 10mg generic Dexedrine in December. What happened was a borderline sense of euphoria with ZERO craving to smoke cigarettes.I was feeling to pleasurable and content to actually sit down and ready my 2 chapters before class today. Damn!

I don't know how to explain but maybe I'll take it together one day again as I didn't today because I wanted to smoke cigarettes to get a rush. But guess what happened when I bought a pack of Marlboro lights 100's a few hours ago? I STILL CAN'T GET A NICOTINE RUSH FROM THE CIGARETTES. EVEN THOUGH I TOOK THE WELLBUTRIN 150 XL PILL THURSDAY MORNING.Thats more than 24 hours even though the pill is supposed to last 24 hours. I read that Wellbutrin stays in the body for about 5 days,if that's true than I wasted my money on cigarettes again and I wouldn't be able to enjoy cigarettes till Wednesday.

Anyways those are just my thoughts. Vyvanse is good on its own though it doesn't get my butt to do what I need to do as fast as Adderall since the anxiety from Adderall forces to get down and dirty. I'd take Vyvanse over Adderall any day though even though for my goal to finish this degree Adderall would be the better choice.

Wellbutrin + Vyvanse made me feel different than Vyvanse + Dexedrine which if funny because they're the same medication practically. Anyone know why?

IMO Wellbutrin by itself is not good enough for smokers looking to quit and also believe they suffer from ADHD and want to take medication for quitting smoking and ADHD.Its perfect for smoking cessation,maybe even better than Chantix since its an antidepressant that give you dopamine,even though I haven't tried Chantix cause of the cost and potential side effects. It's just not effective enough as the traditional stimulants like Adderall,Vyvanse etc.