View Full Version : If I can drink while on Bupropion does that mean that bupropion doesnt work for me?

02-25-17, 06:46 AM
Hello together,

I am 27 and I was diagnosed with ADHD last october. I started with Bupropion at first, 150mg/day.

It took like 8weeks to feel anything, and it was bad, I was irritated, mood was down. No any effects on ADHD symptoms either.

Then my doctor said lets see 300mg for 2weeks. THere were 2days when I felt pretty good, but thats it, it was all the same as with 150mg.

Next stop is Ritalin:
- 30mg in the morning first
- then 60mg in the morning
- and now 30mg in the morning and 30mg at around 10

I am not feeling that euphoria that others mentioned, I wouldnt want to actually, "normal" would do it. However I clearly able to focus more on my job and my working memory has improved as well. So it helps for sure. On the other hand I was so irritable and anxious that I couldnt stand it.

So my doctor said combine it with Bupropion again, the same rounds, first with 150mg then with 300mg. It definetly helped with my anxiety it made me relaxed and slowed me down at first. Now I feel again what I have experienced earlier wtih bupropion - it makes me irritable and my mood is going down.

And heres my question. I had 5 beers on 150mg the other night and 2 on 300mg without any side effects that was mentioned (no feeling of drunkness, terrible hangover etc.).

So does it prove my assumption that Bupropion has no effects on me effectively?

Many thanks in advance!!

02-25-17, 08:02 AM
Anyone can drink on it, the question isnt can you, but should you. Whether or not you can drink on it has nothing to do with whether or not it works for you. With that said, its seems like you have given it enough time to know that its not the right med for you.

03-18-17, 11:29 AM
For some reason, drinking with it wasn't a problem for a few years and
then suddenly it was a big problem. 2 sips of beer make me feel ill now.

04-04-17, 03:24 PM
I think the premise of OP's question is unfounded.

Being able to drink or not drink on Wellbutrin doesn't determine whether it's effective for you or not.