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02-25-17, 05:06 PM
Hello Everyone,

I'm trying to get some info on the strength of brand name to generic. I was taking Adderall 20 mg twice a day and the doctor changed it to Amphetamine 10mg/Dextroamphetamine 10mg twice a day.

So is Adderall 20mg the same as Amphetamine 10mg/DextroAmphet. 10mg?

Thank you!

02-25-17, 06:32 PM
Adderall is 75% Dextroamphetamine and 25% Levoamphetamine.

Dexedrine is 100% Dextroamphetamine.

What you're taking now is 87.5% Dextroamphetamine and 12.5% Levoamphetamine.

02-25-17, 09:59 PM
Thanks for the info. I'm trying to figure out how much of a dose I was on. My doctor mis-prescribed or over-prescribed to me.

I'm a retired Marine and receive care at the VA. I lived in Texas and was taking Adderall 20mg twice a day. I moved to NY and when I transferred to the VA here, they gave me Amphetamine 10mg/Dextroamphetamine 10mg twice a day.

Initially I thought that the amount I was taking went down since I was on 20mg twice a day, but then they said that it was formulated differently and that the brand Add. 20mg is equivalent to Amph. 10mg/ Dext. 10 mg.

One VA doctor told me that it was the same just formulated differently, but another VA doctor didn't think or know that it was and wanted to put me back on 20mg twice a day.

So he increased the A/D to two pills twice a day. So I think that would be equivalent to 80mg. of Adderall a day.

Does that make sense to anyone?

02-26-17, 07:48 AM
No, sorry. I have no idea what you mean.

You were switched from Adderall 20mg x2 a day to Adderall 10mg x2 and Dexedrine 10mg x2?

02-26-17, 08:01 AM
All brands are the same in mg as their generic counterparts. So 20mg of brand adderall has the same as 20mg generic adderall.

02-26-17, 09:34 AM
You should ask a pharmacist. A good pharmacist will give you a better answer than you will find here. Good luck ��