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02-27-17, 02:03 AM
Okay, so as I'm writing this, I'm supposed to be studying for a large upcoming exam tomorrow, and it is currently 11pm. At this point I feel like my procrastination is uncontrollable. I've already done my research on ADHD, and now I would like someones opinion. I have always displayed the symptoms of ADHD, although I'm also a very shy person so it may be hard to tell if I actually have it. I constantly feel jittery, I am always shaking my leg or clicking my pen, I hate sitting down for extended periods of time, and I always feel very restless. I am also a very talkative person, but at the same time I'm very shy and VERY introverted. I show symptoms of impulsiveness, hyperactivity, and inattentiveness. I am currently 16 years old. I have a pretty average intelligence IMO, and I've always done pretty well in school up until high school. Back in junior high and elementary studying wasn't really necessary, but now that my courses are beginning to matter more and studying is required, I am beginning to become very nervous. I feel as if I can't study. When I look at my textbook it's like there is some invisible force preventing me from reading no more than a paragraph in my textbook. Even if I know the grade that I receive is extremely important, I still won't study. I just become distracted and end up looking at my phone, or talking to someone on the phone or getting something to eat etc... I don't know if I'm just an extremely lazy person or I actually have ADHD. Either way, I really feel that I need treatment because grade 11 and 12 are coming up and I need to bring my marks up. Also, when I have conversations with people I tend to get very impatient and my mind kind of blocks out what they're saying and I interrupt them. I also zone out when I am talking half way through my sentence and suddenly forget what I was saying. I also daydream in class and completely forget what the teacher is saying everyday in class. The only thing is, I asked my mom a couple months back to book an appointment for getting diagnosed with ADHD, and she did, but there was an incident at school where I was caught purchasing an ADHD drug called dexedrine, because I wanted to see if it would help with my symptoms. I never ended up taking them, I was suspended from school, it's a long story... but now my mom thinks I've taken the drugs before and I only want to be diagnosed for the drugs, so she cancelled the appointment and I haven't brought up the subject for the past month. Anyways, should I be diagnosed? Opinions, advice? Thank you :)

02-27-17, 03:46 AM
Buying Dexedrine without a prescription is quite a serious thing. It's no surprise that your mother reacted the way she did. She is quite likely to not trust you on this in the future.

Would your grade 1 and grade 2 teachers think it was obvious you had ADHD back then?

02-27-17, 04:47 AM
Yes I am fully aware that it was stupid and a serious situation. I have already completely dealt with the consequences, and I had a conversation with my parents. And no, it wouldn't have been obvious in grades 1 and 2 because I was an extremely shy kid in elementary school, and I always tried to be a good student because I was scared of being punished. Although I have always struggled with completing assignments on time and focusing on my work.

02-27-17, 06:57 AM
What were some of your early impairments?

02-27-17, 07:36 AM
You acted on impulse when you purchased Dexedrine illegally, because you were desperate.

Do you need your mum to get an appointment? Could you book one yourself?