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02-27-17, 07:25 PM
I just want to get outside! Anyone else?

Fishing season starts Wednesday. In 2015, raw sewage leaked into Y-town's common fishing hole. The lake was drained, and last year was refilled , and re-stocked with bass and trout! They SAY fish caught in Lake Glacier's perfectly safe to eat...

We have miles of natural parkland, Mill Creek Park.

Any scouts here? Does anyone remember orienteering? With a COMPASS?!


Bike trails...

Anyone hunt? With a camera, maybe?

02-27-17, 07:50 PM
bicycle + camera, yes...

I have enjoyed ice fishing, but not fishing when the weather is at all warm.

And though I once felled a deer with a crossbow, that’s the only time I have ever hunted. And that was for food, not sport.


02-28-17, 09:41 AM
I don't hunt, but my mom lives on 100 acres of former farm land that belonged to her dad and grandad before that. In fact she was born on her dad's old farm. Lots of gorgeous woodland, wild flowers and berries, and of course deer, bear...cougars and foxes have been spotted lately. I often hike and take pics.
Mom's place also has an old "spring" that her dad dug up over 100 years ago that is still running. She has the best fresh spring water.
This pic is of an over 100 year old tree that still lives and is near the spring.

02-28-17, 01:00 PM
I used to cycle where I used to live.

I don't hunt - one of my two cats does hunt though ;)

02-28-17, 01:28 PM
My mom has 4 cats, and they all go outside and hunt pretty regularly.
Definitely helps to keep the rodent population down. LOL

03-02-17, 08:57 PM
Yes! I was going to upload a profile picture of me fishing a little bit ago until I realized because I'm a newbie I can't yet. Fishing is how I refocus when my life is going haywire so I fish a few times a week hah hah. We had a good ice fishing season here and now that fishing is bad due to thin ice and high rivers I'm on to shed hunting and getting my bow skills back up to snuff for turkey season.