View Full Version : Ideal breakfast with Desoxyn?

02-28-17, 12:58 AM
Currently, I have a smoothie for breakfast with my first dose of Desoxyn. I want to make sure that these foods are ok to eat with Desoxyn as I find the whole alkaline and acidic concept confusing. My smoothie contains the following ingredients, 12oz egg whites, 3 yolks, 2/3 cup oatmeal, 1 cup blueberries, 1/2 banana and 1/2 tsp. of stevia. I was under the impression that Desoxyn had a higher absorption rate compared to Adderall and that foods would not interfere all that much. But I'm afraid after some digging it might not be the case. Are these foods good to go? I have read mixed information on blue berries mostly. Any tips appreciated, thank you all!

02-28-17, 10:52 AM
Eat what you like, and don’t worry about it too much. You likely want to avoid big glasses of fruit juices, and for that matter, other diuretics.

But aside from that, eat what nourishes you, what you like, and what is good for you.


02-28-17, 02:51 PM
If you make massive and permanent changes to your diet and/or your exercise levels, your dosage may possibly end up needing to be adjusted - but that's not a big problem anyway. And most people just don't make changes that are that big.

03-26-17, 11:32 PM
I always took my morning dose with 32 oz raw milk and 4 raw eggs.

I ate all my berries/fruit in the evening. Desoxyn kicks in pretty fast, so you could always take your morning dose and hold off on the breakfast/fruit for 20-30 minutes.

Little Missy
03-27-17, 08:17 AM
Wheaties. Breakfast of Champions for 90 years.

07-25-17, 07:12 PM
I heard a psychiatrist named Dr. Charles Parker (you can look him up on YouTube) recommend a high protein breakfast for people taking stimulants in general. To quote his exact words:

"Neurotransmitters come from protein, so if you have good neurotransmitters on board, then you're sending the medications in to collect the neurotransmitters, then you're going to have a better outcome. That's one thing, but back to the [original question], if a person doesn't take the protein in the morning - that medication's gonna come in - it's going to go immediately into their system. And when it comes into their system, they're going to have gastric irritability, they can have a rush in their head...""

08-03-17, 12:54 AM

I take my adderall first thing in the morning and it does next to nothing until I eat something with some protein in it. Bagels, donuts, cinnamon rolls by themselves won't do it, it's gotta be meat, eggs, and/or protein powder.