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02-28-17, 04:02 AM
I'm hoping to see if anybody else can relate to this. I seem to be stuck going around and around with mistakes. Before I was diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety I was doing so well working three jobs and going to school. I graduated and moved to Vancouver. I had a really hard time finding working and staying up top of things. Long story short I just let my debt and students loans default and I gave up. Years later I am still trying to catch up. I go back and forth feeling good paying chunks off, but then I have days where I have no money for food or bills. My landlord wangs to evict me, my rent is a month late. She said she's going to report me to my work. She also called the police and had them come check the apartment. I wasn't home and have been avoiding her. I don't know how to cope or deal with this anymore it's so much! Does anyone else have these struggles? :eek:

03-02-17, 12:02 PM
yes- plenty..only by the sounds of it possibly higher stakes

prioritize what needs to be paid to survive- rent, utilities, groceries and focus on that- cut absolutely every other bill if you have to. you can straighten out credit at a later date but you cant go a few days without eating or a week without lights- know what I mean?

I defaulted on student loans years ago but to be fair my house burned down and sent me into an organization crisis, and Im not sure how it would work in Canada but eventually they just took me tax return like two years later (it was a small loan and a small return) and it covered the debt- then I was eligible for finan cial aid again- which i almost blew academically but thats a different story.

what i would do is write out your take home income
and every bill you have and see what is left over and put everything you can afford to on auto pay and screw everything else until you get your head above water.

I also doubt your landlord can legally report you to your work but again- I dont know canada- the state Im in a landlord can't even come to your door to collect rent, I used to own rental property and whenever I had a tenant be late I asked them to please come talk to me to explain the situation and maybe something could be worked out to get the tenant in front of their bills.
I did evict people but two were malicious property destroyers in some weird attempt to not pay rent? and one was a very bizarre situation that involved an extended family member.
It doesn't sound like your landlord is too nice of a person so I don't know if talking to them would help? or maybe go to a local social services and request a one time aid?

you basically only have two choices, earn more money and pay everything, or scale back spending in some way to meet your earnings- it is unfortunately that simple

but yes- I screw up a lot and I have a firm grasp on finances/life savings/taxes etc

seems like I always forget things or something comes up and I'm not adequately covered.

03-04-17, 11:45 PM

That's the key for you. Once you do, everything falls into place. Whatever you pay in terms of student loans, the CRA will give it back to you at the end of the year on one condition, that you work and pay taxes. If you have no job, don't pay chunks of the loan! Only make minimum payments!

I think it's time for you to see a financial advisor.