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03-01-17, 11:21 AM
shouldnt it be division? because that answer is apparently wrong

now that that complaint- Hi

I'm a 39 yr old female that's currently waiting to go back to a new Dr following testing for diagnoses.

Ive had informal diagnoses in the past that have included, mild to moderate depression, anxiety (no anxiety attacks worth noting), ptsd (that was acute and valid) inattentive type ADD, mixed type ADHD

Ive been divorced twice (married now), Ive gotten in trouble with the law- I rack up credit card debt like you wouldnt believe (20k in the last 6 months) I job hop, I dropped out of high school to get a GED 6 mths later, I have two associates degrees- working on a bachelors. Ive failed semesters because Ive just walked away- Ive changed careers ..idk...4 times for real careers? changed jobs so much a resume is almost pointless. I get bored with everything and Im hyper focused on others. I binge eat, I dont sleep any sort of normal hrs and I lose everything. if I remember to put things in google calenders I dont forget about appointments. my bills have to be on auto pay or I will definitely forget to pay them. I forgot to pay the trash bill and my trash cans were taken last week- they don't offer auto pay.
I constantly forget my kids stuff.
I am married to a wonderful type A personality man who stays on top of the kids stuff- he makes good money which is good because I plot how Im gonna quit two weeks into almost any job (but have held at least one job for 8 years- problems with the law ruined that)
I have a real serious problem with saying exactly whats on my mind whether its positive or negative and has caused me incredible regrets in life (the legal probs is actually related to something I said- not so much something I did)

I have 4 kids and 3 step kids- so 7 total
one of my kids has mixed type adhd with general anxiety disorder and some tendencies for obsessiveness but idk if is genuine ocd- she was just put on concerta for the first time in the last couple of weeks

my mother was diagnosed as bipolar when I was 5, my grandmother had custody of me until I was 8 when she died - my mother was recently diagnosed as having severe adhd- this puts the bipolar diagnoses into question. meds and treatment havent helped her much.
My dad is a pretty normal dude minus his religious slant.
they've been divorced since I was 8 weeks old. I dont come from a broken home- I genuinely never knew any different so its never bothered me.
my mother says otherwise-I think shes full of crap and projecting.

Ive had therapy of some form or another most of my life.

my report cards are full of - day dreams, doesnt live up to potential..etc etc.

when I bother with my classes I get a 4.0 easily- right now Im procrastinating redo-ing an english paper (entire class had to)
5 CAD assignments and an engineering statics project.
my IQ testing over the years was ridiculously high- now for whatever reason its all over the map- from mental retardation to genius levels...srsly

Ive been on IR adderall, IR and XR ritalin, lexapro, wellbutrin, clonidine (I really like clonidine in the evening- so much better than benzos)
and Im sure others I cant think of

ritalin wears off ridiculously fast, my experience with adderall is limited because it gave me crushing headaches no matter what I did for hydration

I am ultra depressed and stressed out about money- depressed because I put myself and my family in this position

Im sick of never finishing anything. ever.

I just took the CAARS questionaire and my husband did the observer report
I guess the Dr wanted that before he did any diagnoses- he gave me no indication one way or the other

uhh, I did some thing on the computer at the last appointment (my daughter and I had back to back appointments) where I clicked a mouse for a sequence of tones, and clicked a mouse for the letter X

the sound one was less of a problem but I screwed it up plenty (not intentionally) the X I think I barely clicked on it right- I kept anticipating the letter and clicking too fast. Im super competitive and felt like it was a weird competition.

before anyone accuses me of being drug seeking ( drs do that a lot here)
I have ritalin, and adderall prescribed to me thats gone untouched for three yrs in my house- my daughter has her concerta script-which is overwritten by 15 days so it has a big cushion.
shes had a mountain of testing - theres no doubt about her adhd diagnoses.

I left an old dr because I felt like he was a pill mill and wasn't paying attention to me- just my checkbook- though he'd probably write any script I asked for.

how were you guys tested? what can I expect? Im terrified he'll say I dont have adhd then I dont know where to turn.

the first time I took ritalin I cried because my mind was so...calm..everything was so calm.
then it never worked quite like that again.

does this ever end?

03-01-17, 05:19 PM
divide- not division

so obvious and I couldn't figure it out

03-02-17, 11:31 AM
anyway- I was interviewed

given the CAARS self report and observer report to do at home for me and my husband and did a CPT 3 test, audio where there were sounds- click on the mouse for a certain sequence I cant remember and a visual where you click on everything but the X
no one told me the scoring at that time

I know I clicked a lot when I wasn't supposed to on the X one- it was really frustrating.
I understood the rules but couldnt seem to follow them correctly
I dont know that the auditory one was too bad which is weird to me..

I go back March 9th to go over the results
I have a lot of anxiety about it

Im kind of the same way with my classes- I crawl out of my skin until something is graded.

03-02-17, 01:19 PM
There are no tests for adhd. There is an evaluation with a thorough history and sometimes input from teachers/family and maybe school records if you have them. No computer test or sound test can be used to diagnose adhd.

03-02-17, 01:31 PM
I had specifically asked for more documentation from this doctor to meet academic help requirements- I was diagnosed three times over previously but doctors leaving the state and a house fire have left me without documentation.

I had a very bad experience last semester with a recalcitrant professor who would complain loudly and frequently about how long we were taking for exams during exams- it left the entire class frustrated but I went from A's to C's on my tests when he started this behavior. I'd like to take exams in the proctored room instead.

I was wondering who else had undergone testing and what value they did or didn't find from it.

There is actually a good deal of "testing" but none of it has 100% efficacy

03-02-17, 09:03 PM
There is actually a good deal of "testing" but none of it has 100% efficacy
Actually no, there isn't any at all. Not that has any validity.

Lots of tests have been created. That doesn't mean they're good for anything. You can take all the tests you feel like taking, but the results are meaningless for real ADHD diagnosis.

Maybe a valid test will be created - I hope it will. It hasn't yet.

03-02-17, 09:12 PM
What is the opposite of multiply? ? Is it 'not multiply'?

Also can you have opposites of verbs? Come-go. Speak -listen. Eat-spit out??

03-03-17, 07:48 AM
uniply :)

03-03-17, 01:33 PM
uniply :)

I looked up uniply to see if it's a thing. ...:lol::doh:

Even if it was why would 1 be the opposite of 'many'??

Are you using multiply in the arithmetic sense? Because if the meaning is to increase in number then the opposite of that would be to reduce in number. :scratch:

03-03-17, 01:34 PM
divide- not division

so obvious and I couldn't figure it out

I totally missed that you've given the answer. Apologies!!! :lol::doh: