View Full Version : MODAFINIL(generic Provigil) VS GENERICS/OTHER BRANDS

03-02-17, 01:27 AM
I know this is a little out there but I know some of you take Provigil(Modafinil) to treat your ADHD.

I do have insurance and will be discussing it with my PCP in May and wanted to know if I should buy the generic or brand of Provigil if he prescribes it. i am also aware that it is sold illegally through reputable online sites as a cognitive enhancer. I am avoiding this route alltoghether although I do credit the cognitive enhancing community for providing research information regarding Provigil and ADHD.

I have tried Nuvigil as FREE 1 month with a manufacture's coupon and I had side effects I couldn't gel with. Besides I couldn't afford it with or without insurance once the coupon was over.

If some of you are prescribed Provigil can you tell the me if you take TEVA or other brands and tell how it is?

p.s. I think Provigil original manufacture stopped selling PROVIGIL and its not only sold as MODAFINIL as a generic from TEVA. Can someone confirm this?

03-02-17, 05:37 AM
My husband takes provigil for narcolepsy and it also helps his adhd. His generic provigil still said cephlan on it for a few years. Almost like it was the exact same thing but cheaper. I didnt know teva made a generic provigil. It seems to work for both but the narcolepsy is definitely the more dangerous of the two.

03-18-17, 09:43 PM
Yes, I'm interested about modafinil as treatment for my ADHD so it would be nice to get some feedback!