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DJ Bill
03-03-17, 10:42 AM
I'm at the end of my rope...We've got brother and sister cats here, and the female is constantly peeing on the walls instead of the litter box. Apparently this has been going on a long time, but it is getting ridiculous. She actually peed on the wall while staring me in the face, and it's not the first time.

How can I get here to use one of the three litter boxes we have here? She does #2 there, but it is constant battle to keep u with the urine spots.

I'm hoping one of you cat lovers might have an idea. I'm doing everything suggested online and still no good. The only thing that will prevent her from peeing on the building is blocking off where she pees, but it only moves the spot eventually. Scented candles to hide the stink are the boss's idea of taking care of it.

03-03-17, 10:56 AM
Could she be stressed? Is the male allowing her access to the litter trays? Has she been checked at the vet got anything being medically wrong?

When she pees, it sounds like she's standing up and quivering her tail while peeing, am I understanding right? Is she crying out while peeing? What cat litter do you use? Have you changed the cat litter at all? When did she start this behaviour?

Sorry for a million questions, just want to get an idea as to what's happening so I can help a bit better :)

DJ Bill
03-03-17, 09:04 PM
yes, standing up and tail quivering, no crying, I guess it's been going on for 2-3 years, as I had to rip out one totally disgusting area that was soaked with pee when I got here.. Same litter, changed daily, two other boxes downstairs that don't get used much, but she also has really made a mess of the hallway down there. The box I have upstairs is open but private. (No lid or door like the ones downstairs, they seem to prefer it over them 50 to 1)

She and her brother have all sorts of fun chasing laser pointers and each other at night. He is the dominant one, soaks up as much attention as he can, she acts hard to get but when she knows you she is all lovey dovey. He has his own soft bed, she has several spots she uses depending on the time of day. two or three are nice and soft and private.

Tidy Cat clumping litter. Lots of folks come in the store every day, she comes right up to many and gets attention, but when she has had enough, it's upstairs she goes. Hudson, on the other hand, will let people pet him all day long if he can convince them to.

Little Missy
03-03-17, 09:31 PM
I hate to be The Crab on this one. Once they start, it will not end. Your choice is how long do you wish to live this way?

03-03-17, 11:11 PM
I used to live with a perfectly symmetrical and exceedingly handsome tuxedo named Hudson.

He had been "fixed" and was sweet, just a little plump, always ready for touch, and he loved watching the goldfinches at the feeder from his windowsill "perch."


03-04-17, 12:31 AM
I used to live with a perfectly symmetrical and exceedingly handsome tuxedo named Hudson.

I once lived with two somewhat baggy sweatshirts and a cute pair of shoes. :lol:

I honestly took several seconds to figure out you weren't discussing clothing. :)

03-04-17, 01:30 AM
Just talked to a coworker about this for a friend's cat issues. She rescues cats and puts the new cat in a room alone with the litter box, toys, food and water until they get it. She goes in and plays with the cat of course. She claims it works!

03-04-17, 06:14 AM
My cat would do this everytime she had a UTI. I would consider the vet for a couple of reasons: 1- they can do a uti test which is a disgusting process where they sort of take a urine sample in a very kitty cat way, and prescribe antibiotics. Sometimes there are these pills sort of like SSRI's or whatever for cats-or maybe its anxiety- but a lot of cats have pee troubles with excess anxiety. Its not like kitty valium but its something else.

03-04-17, 06:32 AM
Also, does she use any of the litter trays? Maybe she finds it painful to use the litter tray? Have her checked at the vet then if the vet says there's nothing medically wrong, try the keeping her in one room while she learns how to use the litter tray trick :)

DJ Bill
03-04-17, 11:48 AM
Yup, she does use the litter tray where I spend my day....It is open topped, as opposed to those litter boxes that look like a pet carrier.

One other thing she does, is she eats very fast, then pukes up whatever she ate in a few minutes up to a half hour.maybe. I just work here, and watch the place at night so it isn't really my cat, although she thinks I'm her human. I talk to her and she winks both eyes, like she is happy and satisfied with life. She and her brother wake up in the evening and want to play.

Hudson is the most amazing gymnast of a cat I've seen....He gets places in the store I would never have thought he could climb or jump to.

It is like she is trying to tell me something, as when she did it the other day, she had just woken up and came to the kitchen to say hi....and was looking at me the whole time.

I don't remember if I mentioned it, but she and here brother were rescues, and have been in the store since they were very young...(About 4 years now) They actually have their own Facebook page I am told....Delaware is the female who likes other cat owners and women, Hudson is everyone's favorite.

I believe she has been taken to the vet for the food issue, and there is nothing really wrong with her that rationing the food slowly wouldn't cure. That's a case of training the humans to stop feeding so much at a time. Her brother will stop when he is no longer hungry, she will eat as fast as possible and as much as she thinks she can hold. They always have a full water dish , and a self feeder of kibble, but the tradition here has been to give them a can of soft food daily.

Thanks for the help so far....I'm going to recommend a vet visit again to the boss.

03-10-17, 01:55 PM
Definitely get her to a vet. Is she spayed?

03-10-17, 07:48 PM
Get to vet asap!! Urinating ouside the box as well as vomiting are signs that something is wrong. I recently lost my baby to kidney failure :(((. Tho there are several simple illnesses to treat that could be the cause as well. I used to work at an animal hospital, cannot believe i missed the signs of my babies illness. He was always weird as he was a rescue, who'd been returned 6 times!!! Best of luck to you & hope ur baby is well soon! :)