View Full Version : Is blurting out Noises typical with ADHD?

03-06-17, 01:55 PM
Noises. She blurts them out all the time, especially when shes not on Adderall. Never swear words, and not always words. Usually its just noises, spouted loudly out of nowhere, usually happily or when she's in a rush (never when she's angry cuz she's super quiet then). It almsot always appears to be subconsciously. Sometimes its words that have to do with whatever shes doing at the time, again burst out loudly in a quiet room. Of course, annoying to those around her.

She's 15 now and she's always done it.

(I know its a possible Tourettes symptom but she has no tics or any other symptoms of that)

Do all ADHD kids do that?

Little Missy
03-06-17, 02:06 PM
I'm not certain, but even adults do it. If I'm in a high ceiling with great acoustics I'll give out some chimpanzee calls without a thought.:eek:

03-06-17, 02:17 PM
Some researchers believe that people with ADHD tend to be slower than other people to "internalize" speech.

That is, things that other people might just think quietly to themselves, people with ADHD might be more prone to say out loud.

This, and generally poorer impulse control overall, could lead to the "blurtiness" you observe in different situations.

If it were the same word or phrase being repeated for days or weeks at a time, or if there were other tics, then I'd probably think more about a tic disorder.

But if it's just whatever seems to come to mind, and she has no other history of tics, and it's more common when she's not taking Adderall, then garden-variety blurting seems more likely.

It may (or may not!) diminish somewhat as she gets older.

03-06-17, 03:02 PM
I have a 14 year old ADHD son and I have never noticed him doing this. However, he will randomly pretend he is hitting a baseball or pitching a baseball, but nothing verbal.

03-06-17, 04:09 PM
Thanks, Everyone.

Johnny Slick
03-06-17, 05:50 PM
Noises? That sounds like Tourette's. As a blurter I think my experiences are closer to what Namazu describes: when I'm unmedicated and, for instance, I've been sitting in one place forcing myself to pay attention to something for a long time, sometimes things that I would normally just think in my head roll off my tongue before I can even think about whether I should say them or not. These tend not to be "noises" but actual thoughts and observations. I mean, a lot of them are kind of dumb, which is what you get with unfiltered thoughts, but they're not noises per se.

03-06-17, 06:04 PM
I think there are different reasons for making sounds, and if we try too hard to classify them as this or that, without input from the person who's making the sounds, we can easily get off track.

Also don't forget that if the sounds aren't causing a real problem in her life it's probably safe to ignore them. For instance, do the sounds stop for special occasions? Change in different environments?

03-06-17, 11:57 PM
Thanks to everyone who replied. :)

The sounds cause social problems but nothing else. You know how social issues can go with ADHD kids. :(