View Full Version : adhd momma with an adhd son? whos with me on this boat?! ;)

03-06-17, 02:35 PM
Hey all, new here! I'm a 33 year old mom diagnosed with ADHD in my early 20's and last year when my DS was four we got his diagnosis. I'm just wondering who here is either dealing with ADHD themselves as well as their child/children or dealing with a spouse with this super fun disorder and their ADHD child? I know it's incredibly hereditary. Just reaching out to see who's with me and how you're dealing with it all! :D

03-06-17, 03:39 PM
just realized this would have been much better suited under the member introductions sub forum...whoops!

03-06-17, 08:22 PM
Hello and welcome :)

04-12-17, 05:12 PM
I wasn't diagnosed with ADHD until after my son. I'm 35 and he is 7. We do family therapy for him because we lost his dad when he was 4 in a very traumatic way. I was struggling with my son. Growing up my brother was diagnosed and his was severe with hyperactivity, so I think compared to him, no one really recognized my issues with it. When the therapist saw how much I was trying but failing, she scheduled an appointment without Riley.

Before I was treated for it, I couldn't stick to a single behavior plan or schedule. I would start it, then quit. Then I'd be depressed for a while, then I'd start another one that wouldn't last a couple days. I had trouble focusing on him and I didn't realize until after I started getting treated that from my sons point of view, I didn't care. We would fight and butt heads and he would have aggressive tantrums and I would end the evenings balling in my room. It was pretty terrible.

Now, with me in treatment, Riley has had the same schedule and behavior plans for almost 2 years, we are able to talk together, the aggressive tantrums have stopped, we both follow a diet, and I have the motivation to live this busy, a lot of the times stressful, life and be happy about it. I never understood people telling me that my needs had to come first. I understand now, though. My untreated ADHD was making his life miserable, unfair, and emotionally abused. I carry a lot of shame around still, but that's what our family therapy sessions are for. We'll probably still be in therapy til the day I die. I thank my lucky stars for that really special therapist who saw the real issue. My doctors just diagnosed me with depression and an anxiety disorder, and this one I laugh about now, Borderline Personality Disorder. It's kind of scary funny.

05-09-17, 11:14 AM
me!! my husband is ADD and so is my son they both are primarily inattentive . To be honest it has helped me know how to handle my son when it comes to what works.