View Full Version : New to Quillivant XR (liquid Ritalin) Questions

03-10-17, 01:54 PM
Hello, Everyone!
Yesterday my doctor switched me from Adderall to Quillivant XR, which is like taking the liquid form of Ritalin. It's still the methylphenidate extended-release. The reason he gave me the liquid instead of pill form is he said it will be much easier for me to tailor the dose and find something that works for me.

I loved the Adderall IR because it gave me super hyperfocus. BUT when it wore off, holy cow the crashes were unbearable. It made roid rage look like child's play. My anxiety came back 10 fold and depression was worse (I'm also on an antidepressant).

Yesterday I took half of dose so that's 6ML =30mg. I felt good a little sleepy, very relaxed, my concentration was only fair, but there was barely any crash. I took 11ml today =50mg (he said I would be able to take the full 60mg). Again, VERY relaxed (like taking a xanax), quiet and I don't want to do a whole bunch. I wouldn't say zombie level, just relaxed. I'm diagnosed with severe ADD and anxiety, so the quiet brain is nice. The doctor yesterday told me I feel "sleepy" because my brain and body are finally quieting down.

Finally. these stimulants (doesn't matter which) is killing my stomach. Today I didn't take it with food so I think that caused nausea, but I'm also getting mild diarrhea. I read it's because the stimulants make your bowels move faster. Has anyone tackled this?

Thank you so much

03-10-17, 03:05 PM
Eat well (especially breakfast and lunch), drink extra water all day, and try again. I bet it will work fine.