View Full Version : What time does is take for the maximum effect of Strattera?

03-17-17, 04:08 AM

My titration;

week 1 40 mg
week 2 40 mg
week 3 60
week 4 60
week 5 80
Week 6 80

Im in the end of week 6 now and i start to feel more effects the last week/days. But it is not consistent. It feels like its working, but not fully. How long does it take? Maybe I need 100 mg. I see my doc in 1,5 week.
Maybe i have to wait a lil bit longer.

But for now; in years i feel something from medication :) I'm happy with that :)

Thank you! :)

03-17-17, 01:16 PM
Strattera is slow to start. If it's working sometimes, and not just useless, then it's worth it to keep waiting.

04-25-17, 08:04 AM
When i tried strattera the first time, it took several weeks from 60mg to make me feel improved. I started 60 mg on week five and noticed a good imporovment by week 8 or 9.

I see you are on it for 11 weeks now, what have you noticed has improved in your self? I love hearing peoples success. Makes me happy.
I quit strattera a few years ago due to it costing too much. But you cant put a price on normality right? I just started it back up a week ago, and im excitingly awaiting its "kick in". This drug is beautiful. Real miracle last time i was on it. Took away all my anxiety too.

06-12-17, 09:45 PM
About 2 months for me as well. Started low, then up to 80mg but found 60mg worked best so back down to that and have been on it ever since.

06-14-17, 05:00 PM
2 weeks to start. It took me a few months for it to be consistent.

10-07-17, 09:17 AM
I'm about 2 weeks in and its effects were very noticeable from the 2nd day onwards. Started at 60mg myself though