View Full Version : Does anyone else describe Adderall similarly to me?

03-17-17, 09:20 PM
The way Adderall affects me is definitely different from some people. I'm curious if you, or someone you know, describes Adderall similarly to the way I do (specifically, someone who is taking it ethically, prescribed).

I'm still 'figuring it out', by trying to be able to more concisely put my finger on different ways I feel medications help me.

My description:

- It doesn't make me instantly more organized, motivated, or able to get work done. Nothing like the miracle stories you hear. Nor does it make me "function completely normally!" like some of the more realistic miracle stories you hear. I feel normal off of Adderall, I just have difficulties staying focused.
- It feels like caffeine, but without the jitters or the fast thinking. It's like a calmer, balanced version of caffeine. It feels like it makes just certain parts of the brain more awake, so there's a balancing effect. More caffeine couldn't do that, more caffeine doesn't balance things.
- Things are just *mildly* more interesting. I'm talking maybe a 0 to 1/3rd change of interest levels, depending on the time of day.
- While it is working, it feels like what I imagine an anti-depressant would feel like (not ever having taken antidepressants). It makes me a normal level of alert, I don't feel pessimistic, I don't feel unrealistically optimistic. I don't feel euphoric, but just 'normal' levels of good.
- I can't say I feel like my life is a tv flickering through channels when I'm off meds... or that I can't concentrate on anything. So when I take Adderall, it's not a night and day switch. It's more like, when I don't take Adderall, sustaining focus is just a more difficult thing. When i do take Adderall, sustaining focus is easier, but I don't notice any distinct definite changes in any given moment.

03-17-17, 09:51 PM
No, that sounds about right.

You may have to adjust the dose and timing up or down a little, that is quite common. It is pretty subtle, though, i think.

Or, you could try ritalin. But i am not sure that there is anything wrong with what you are describing.

If you are not used to it and take a big dose, it would be quite a jolt i suppose. But once you are used to it, at a normal dose, it isn't where you "feel" it.

The mental focus without physical stimulation is weird, isn't it? I can actually stay on task, somewhat, and without drinking so much coffee and red bull that my stomach hurts and I'm about to have a stroke. The other day, at the doctor, on 30 mg adderall taken a couple hours earlier, my pulse was 61 and blood pressure 108/60.

03-18-17, 12:53 AM
I think your experience is fairly typical.

For the first year or two taking ADHD meds (mostly Adderall), the only way I could tell whether meds were working was to look back at the end of each day and try to quantify how much executive dysfunction I had. Even now, I gauge effectiveness by how frequently I have executive function fails, but I can figure it out earlier in the day.

I would say being on Adderall makes me feel more "normal" than being off meds, but that is because I don't instinctively expect EF fails, and it feels wrong or even startling when it happens (if I notice it happened).