View Full Version : A bit scared to begin with this med.

03-19-17, 04:59 PM
About me:
I tell my doctor whenever I fail to take med as prescribed.(then switch)
I never feel euphoric/rush on any amphetamines at any dosage.
(Thus never tempted to mess with it)
Just got prescribed with generic Desoxyn (5mg x2 a day)

I'm a bit scared to begin with this med since it's a pharmaceutical grade of a hard drug called meth.

Can this be highly addictive even when taken exactly as prescribed?

If anyone has taken benzo/Ambien/Halcyon/amphetamine before, how's Desoxyn compared to them?

Do you ever feel like '**** I've gotta take just one more pill' ?

I see many positive reviews about Desoxyn (often described as stronger adderall with less jittery feeling)

But do not find much about addiction.

I wonder if it's worth taking the risk.

03-19-17, 05:20 PM
Take as prescribed and stop worrying.


03-19-17, 05:25 PM
Have you been addicted to drugs before?

If not, then taken as directed this medication is safe for you to take. If you personally find yourself feeling like you might be unable to follow the doctor's recommendations, then tell the doctor right away and have yourself taken off the medication.

But note that it's perfectly normal and safe for you to start at a certain dose and discover that it isn't enough to help you. In that case, you go back to the doctor and give details of how it's working and not working.

03-20-17, 01:53 AM
The temptation to take more will be there. With ADD I have lots of bad days and more med would make me feel better. But bad days cannot be avoided by anyone so I deal with them. I rarely take more than prescribed (like 3 or 4 days a year). I was once on 70mg of Vyvanse, an amphetamine, but for the past few years I've been on 40mg. It also helps that I feel I don't have an addictive personality. Unless I include Coca Cola then I'm a total feind, I'm not gonna lie.

It may help you to feel more secure taking them if you're always honest about how you feel about taking them with your Dr. Meaning, if you think you want more/higher dose, tell him/her and say why you feel that way, but b honest.