View Full Version : Impact of drug interactions

03-21-17, 05:00 PM
My doctor has changed my treatment and added sertraline hcl 50mg for seven days and then 100. I have been on amphetamine salts (30mg 2 times daily. He has suggested that I now use the amphetamine salts periodically as needed. I also have lorazepam which is used (.05mg) 3x a day as needed. This is for treatment of any minor minieres disease onsets and also for sleeping. I am 70, in reasonably good health but had been some minor onslaughts of what I though were menieres acting up after intense work, too much staring at the computer. My dr thinks these may be panic attacks. I'm curios about any interaction experiences people have had who might have similarities with my description.
Thanks. Rdougall

03-23-17, 03:05 PM
I take 100 mg sertaline per day for anxiety/OCD, and I take vyvanse daily for my ADHD. I was concerned at first that I may have negative interactions, but so far no issues at all. Both seem to be helping.