View Full Version : if you think you have ADHD does that mean you probably don't?

03-22-17, 02:22 PM
I just read on a website that those who suspect they have ADHD don't have it and those that do have ADHD don't suspect they have it.

So is that true? Anyone here supect they had ADHD and been diagnosed with it?

03-22-17, 02:59 PM
I just read on a website that those who suspect they have ADHD don't have it and those that do have ADHD don't suspect they have it.

So is that true? Anyone here supect they had ADHD and been diagnosed with it?

No, it's not true as a rule.

There are people who think they have it, but don't, and there are people who have it but never suspected.

Some people with ADHD have poor self-awareness, and don't necessarily acknowledge that they have symptoms that cause impairment. Some people with ADHD grew up during a time or in a situation where ADHD wasn't recognized to the extent it is today, and believe that they're simply "lazy", "not applying themselves", "dumb", or whatever other unflattering labels people applied to them to explain what might actually be ADHD symptoms. Some people have misconceptions about what ADHD is, and assume that if they're high-energy multitaskers, they must have ADHD. Some people have depression or anxiety or learning disorders or blood sugar problems or allergies or sleep disorders or stressful life situations that affect their concentration, and think that because they can't focus, they must have ADHD.

But plenty of people are diagnosed after recognizing the symptoms in themselves and seeking an evaluation.

Sometimes this happens after a child is diagnosed, sometimes after happening across a news article, sometimes after reading about it as a side note to something about depression or anxiety (which are common misdiagnoses and co-diagnoses), and sometimes for other reasons.

Finding a knowledgeable clinician who will do a thorough evaluation will help ensure that the diagnosis is accurate, and that any coexisting problems (be they medical, environmental, work-related, family-related, etc.) are also considered and acknowledged where appropriate.

03-23-17, 08:00 PM
I think I always knew I had something, but I didn't know what. I sure didn't
think it was ADHD because that was only little boys with hyperactivity, not
grown up women, married with children.

So when someone suggested my granddaughter might have ADHD and I began
reading about it ... wow! it fit so well. So I self diagnosed at the age of 53 and
it was confirmed by a Connor's evulation a couple of years later, along with
PTSD, anxiety and depression. I suspect I'm also on the Autism spectrum.

03-24-17, 11:02 AM
Yes, I suspected I had ADHD and got diagnosed for it.

Depends on the circumstance ... I was already being treated for depression and taking meds and reading around about the effect of meds on various symptoms.

Such treatment (and years of earlier therapy) opened my mind, I think, to the possibility of ADHD.

I mean, I think I get why someone might say, "if you suspect it, you don't have it." That view is making the assumption that people with ADHD are too overwhelmed by their lives to step back and reflect on their lives. But ADHD people have friends who are diagnosed or we may have a therapist who suggests we might have the condition ... or, as in my case, we might get humbled after years in the workworld at our poor ability to get organized, despite trying very very hard to get organized.

Having untreated ADHD doesn't mean someone is completely blind about their struggles with getting organized and focused.


03-24-17, 05:46 PM
I knew I had add before it was diagnosed by two different practitioners.

Why the heck would someone with ADHD not suspect it? I mean there's obviously some situations like not knowing enough about ADHD, mistaking it for something else, being convinced by your parents that your symptoms are because you're an immoral brat, having life circumstances and skills that lower the impact of your symptoms, etc... but someone with ADHD wouldn't necessarily have any of those situations.

04-01-17, 02:52 PM
I knew I had add before it was diagnosed by two different practitioners.

Why the heck would someone with ADHD not suspect it? .

To answer your question, I knew that I could have ADHD but I refused to believe it. I first stumbled upon ADHD after googling hyperfocus and having it come out as one of the symptoms for ADHD. Then I started reading about it and found out that every single symptom of ADHD applied to me, but even then I refused to believe it. I just couldn't deal with the fact that I might have a disorder, it made me feel sick. I felt better telling myself that I'm just reckless, lazy, and lack social skills- all I needed was a little self control. It felt better making excuses for myself. That was three years ago.

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking with my uncle about how I'm thinking about quitting my education because it's so overwhelming and although I've managed to pass most of my classes, it's been extremely stressful doing everything last minute. That's when he told me that my father had told him a long time ago that a doctor had diagnosed me with ADHD as a kid but my parents refused to believe it much less treat me for it. I finally and very reluctantly began facing the facts and started taking it seriously.

I think it's just hard for us who have ADHD to believe we have a disorder when all these years we've been blaming ourselves or others for our shortcomings. I blamed my parents a lot for my ADHD symptoms as I grew up with very strict parents who didn't let me go out much and on top of that my dad was super abusive both emotionally and verbally, so I thought that I was just a broken soul suffering from years of abuse under a horrible dad and that must've affected me some way.

Now that I am facing the facts, I feel much better knowing that I can be treated and have my life in order and especially carry on with my education.

04-05-17, 07:41 PM
Don't believe everything you read on the Internet ;)

Blue Monday
04-19-17, 12:34 PM
I didn't ask the Dr if I had ADHD, but I used to often half heartedly joke that I might. Especially when, as a grade 6 pupil in the mid to late 80's I had terrible behaviour issues at school, many temper tantrums and not focusing. But the professionals told my parents I was hyper, cut back on sugar and he'll grow out of it. This continued into adulthood, I excelled at subjects I enjoyed, within even studying them, but never got homework done or revised for exams etc.

Frequent career/job changes, over 22yrs, taking out the 6.5 yrs in military, leaving 16 years, Over which have averaged 11 months a job. I Frequently lost my temper over trivial things, excelled in new jobs/courses initially then losing focus/getting board, etc, etc, etc, etc (we all know the symptom list).

About 10 yrs ago i was told I had depression (a common side affect of ADHD of course), it wasn't untill My Dr of 3yrs went into more detail about the depression, (I would keep coming off the anti depressants then go back on them) he did a lifestyle interview and said he had know doubt I had ADHD, I was not surprised in the least, that my joking I may have it was not a joke. I was relieved.

So now I'm on Biphentin waiting on my Pschyc assessment. The referral took 6 months, and ironically I got the call today, now I have a 6 month wait For my assessment.