View Full Version : Higher dose or new med needed?

03-23-17, 12:05 PM
I am currently on Vyvanse 40 mg. I began taking vyvanse 30 mg on Feb 14th, and then increased to 40 mg on March 2nd. After a couple weeks on the medication it seemed to be working but wearing off quickly (trouble focusing after approximately 4-5 hours from taking the pill). However, even after increasing the dose it now seems I don't have much increased focus at all. I know I at least need to increase the dosage, but I wonder if maybe Vyvanse isn't a great fit for me. I took vyvanse 70 mg years ago, and don't remember thinking it didn't work, but I have never tried adderall or other ADHD medicines. My doctor seems to think it is working fine and I only think it isn't because I no longer get increased energy. I go back today, so I'm curious what the opinion of others may be.

03-23-17, 12:59 PM
This is my opinion, and my opinion only, regarding vyvanse. I didnt do well on it. It never lasted the purported 12 hours and for me it didnt last 5. I also have physical absorption issues not common, so maybe it was that. One important thing to remember is it begins to work in the gut, not the blood stream like most stimulants. Its important to get those gastric juices flowing and many people recommend eating a healthy protein rich breakfast right before or right when you take it. Give or take, vyvanse tends to really get going at around hour two.
My feeling is you tend to get a general idea if you are on the right track with meds right away. While the dose needs tweaking in most cases you should have a general idea based on side effects or lack thereof, and see some benefits to know you are in the right area of med types. You may want to try and stay on the vyvanse for a bit, or talk to the doctor about increasing the dose, or you may not feel enough benefits to continue and youll have to go in and talk about another med. Vyvanse seems to be hit or miss. People either love it and do wonderful on it, or hate it and it doesnt work well for them.