View Full Version : Does this sound right?

03-23-17, 11:00 PM
My new shrink has put me on Lithium, Alprazolam (high anxiety) and Clonazpam (sleep) tablets for my newly diagnosed depressive bi-polar disorder? Does this sound right? The reason I ask: I feel WEIRD ever since I started Lithium! Not cal and rational, not manic, but more depressed and sad.

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03-24-17, 02:24 AM
Lithium can be a heavy hitter so besides the trouble you are having now, its important to stay on top of your liver function. I would call the doctor right away to talk about the lithium. The other thing I thought of is the xanax and klonopin are both benzodiazapines and klonopin in particular has a very long half life. Taking both can sometimes sort of make them piggyback on each other in a way thats not helpful. Either way a call or visit to the doctor is in order.