View Full Version : creative dosing with methylpenidate

03-25-17, 08:44 PM
Hi, new member here. We have been struggling with trying to find the correct dosing regimen for my son (8 yrs old) with Biphentin. We went back to biphentin after trying vyvanse and not like it very much (made him very irritable and angry). He now takes 30 mg extended release in the morning and a 'piggyback' of 15 mg at lunchtime at school (also extended release). We tried this after a failed 35 mg only in the morning attempt. We found that he had a drop off at lunch, in spite of it being an XR formulation. Was def not lasting the 10-12 hours. So this is why we opted for the lunch time addition. However, this does not seem to be working very well either! my suspicion is that 30 mg in the morning is not enough to help him focus until lunch, and then the additional 15 does not actually 'piggyback' because it seems like maybe most of the first dose is out of his system. I know this is all stuff I should be talking to our pediatrician about... I guess I am just wondering if anyone has any stories of creative dosing with methlyphenidate, or using both extended release and the short acting versions. I do feel like we have had success with this med, but need to find the correct dosing schedule.