View Full Version : Right side numbness / soarness on Vyvanse 60mg

03-26-17, 02:26 PM

Vyvanse for ~2 years. Started at 30mg
Increased to 40mg, now 60mg for 2-3 months
Missed 3-4 days a couple weeks ago.

I take no other medications.

Anyone else on Vyvanse experience this? If so, any related reason such as anxiety.

Woken early up by my right arm, it was numb/tingling/soar like I slept on it. It subsided a bit but did not go away. Over several hours it spread to my neck, face, tongue and then right leg. All right side, even my tongue. However not the trunk of my body. Feels like when novacane is wearing off after the dentist. You can feel, but still have that numb feeling. Pulse was 115 resting vs 85ish, blood pressure normal.

Saw an urgent care Dr. and neurological tests were fine. Motor and cognitive function were fine. However my face would occasionally get droopy and I couldn't smile.

I was convinced it was just a reaction and kept telling Drs this, but they wanted a CT scan, EKG, Blod tests. All normal.

I skipped Vyvanse the next day. Still there a bit, bit better. Right side just feels different.

2nd day my arm was asleep for an hour after woke up, then just hurt, typically if this happens it's maybe 5 minutes. Tonguge and cheek, arm, occasionally tingly. Right side of body just feels different in general. Hand hurts to move (could be work related though).

I started taking it again. Will see how it goes, skipping more may be worse.

Recent vaguely maybe related:
Last week left lower leg really hurt for several days, was warm, very slightly swollen, a little soar still. Muscle didn't feel tight, but I did take a muscle relaxant for 2 nights I had for neck spasms just to see, last one was a week ago. It did not help at all. Started 3 days after flying back from the east coast. But only a 5 hour flight. So kind had indications of DVT, but no history or any other reason.

Any thoughts or reassurances would be appreciated.

03-26-17, 05:59 PM
That sucks. I've had short term numbness due to FibroMyalgia but never lasting
for more than a few minutes.

I gather they ruled out any blood clots, although the heat and swelling in your
leg suggests that possibility.

My daughter has neck problems that cause numbness and achiness mostly on
one side of her body.