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03-27-17, 10:18 AM
I keep reading about how the best most effective treatment is a combination of behavior therapy and meds, but I can't seem to find good information on what exactly that behavior therapy is. We have the meds and are figuring it out dosing/timing issues. Does anyone know what behavioral therapy protocols were used for those studies? What type of credentials should I look for in a behavior therapist for adhd? Thanks.

03-27-17, 11:08 AM
It could depend on how old your child is. Both emotionally and calendar-wise.

My granddaughter has been seeing a guy who specializes in play-therapy for
many years. She's 15 and you might think that's not the best fit, but she has
autism and anxiety and it's what works best for her.

03-27-17, 02:49 PM
In my opinion, finding someone who knows how to help with what your child needs, and who your child really enjoys working with, is what matters. I wouldn't be concerned about the letters after their name etc.

When ADHD kids are taken to a therapist or other helper who they don't get along well with, they usually respond very badly, and if they're made to continue that way for a long time then the bad feelings tend to last a very long time and sort of "poison" everything.

03-28-17, 02:05 AM
The CDC has this information page (, with some research references and links to more info. I guess you just call a counselor's office and ask about "behavior therapy for children with ADHD."

03-31-17, 05:24 AM
Its definitely age related and dependent on what the child responds to. My daughter is 13 now, but was hospitalized for suicidal stuff when she was 11. Yes 11. We didnt know what end was up. She seemed to get the most out of group therapy in the hospital and more from individual therapy once home.

04-11-17, 08:35 AM
Thanks everyone! I think we will try some play therapy!