View Full Version : Methylphenidate in the morning+Prozac at night?

03-27-17, 11:10 PM
I've been on metadate (generic) and I'm doing fine other than a slight headache but it's bearable. I'm also on Prozac for anxiety and mood so I've been taking them both in the morning since my doctor said it gives some people energy. However I feel like the Prozac may be inhibiting the effectiveness of my methylphenidate. I went on spring break and couldn't get my Prozac due to prescription transfer problems until I got back to college. I noticed the methylphenidate worked way better without the Prozac! It even seemed to last longer. Any one else have a similar story? I'm also on 20mg IR methylphenidate that I take daily in the afternoon.

04-05-17, 04:47 AM
I dont think the methylphenidate worked better without the prozac. I think you may have "felt" it more so you maybe think it did. You may not have "felt" it with the prozac but that doesnt mean it didnt work as well.