View Full Version : adderall to Ritalin or concerta

Dopamine 12
03-29-17, 06:15 AM
Hi this is my first post on this site. I am currently taking ritalin la 30mg I find it works quite well except it gives me an upset stomach and urgent need to go to the toilet not long after taking it. I did not have this problem on the IR version but I cannot tolerate the highs and lows with it. So now my only options are to go onto concerta. Prior to ritalin I was taking 10mg of dexamphetamine 3 x per day. This worked great for a few years until tolerance to the dexies set in and I experienced an increase in side effects. So I stopped my dexies and took a month off which was a month of extreeme tiredness and depression, then I resumed taking my dexies, at first it was as though my tolerance was reset but after about 3 days my tolerance shot straight back up to where it was before. So now I take ritalin which I find not as enjoyable as the dexies the focus is strange like I can stare at a wall with no thoughts what so ever then hyperfocal too much as well. But there are times where it appears to be working perfectly that is when Iam in that short therapeutic window. So I ask has anyone found concertra to help you stay in the narrow therapeutic window longer than ritalin ir offers ?