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03-30-17, 02:42 AM
How do you all cope with prioritising tasks on the job?
I feel completely overwhelmed.
My mind is a mess, my desk is a mess, papers and ideas everywhere and feel like nothing is completed...Arrr:umm1:

Is there any suggestions as to how I can cope with the stress?
I have been started on medication rubiefen (methylphenedate) 40mg slow release. It definitely helps with the feeling of anxiety and overwhelm, but it is not helping much for organisation....or is it something I cannot expect improvement from the pill?

Any suggestions welcome!

Thank you.

03-30-17, 03:54 AM
goodness yes;
make a list "that suits you", whether it's written or on a word document or whatever;

seriously, my boss (who has a frightenlingly neat desk) has been saying for years, "how can you work like this"? it looks not too messy but nevertheless i thought well if it will shut him up

anyway go to Target or whatever and pick out some nice folders and things (lmake sure you like the colors ,etc)

set up your things in the order around you that you'll naturally reach for them
what works for me is those clear document protector things (lol i work in france i dont even know what theyre called)
anything i know i need goes in one

i cant even set up a filing system of any kind, i never follow it but also i have to "see" everything
at the end of the day i just slide them in this binder i use for lists and stuff

this is after years of trial and error

and i really thought that "neat desk = zero creativity"
but well i was wrong...

03-30-17, 11:26 AM
Ditto here. I have no clue how to fix it. I'm going to think about Stef's suggestions.

04-01-17, 07:13 AM
Thank you Stef for your suggestion!
My colleague says the same thing, she says "How can you work like this!"

I'm afraid of putting things away completely, cos, for me, if I don't see it, I don't remember to do it...

Few weeks back, I got myself several folders, clear files, notebooks, and tried to put a system together...Now, paper monsters getting out of control again...resources and information I have saved for projects which I have started, but never finished...

I guess, I will try to go to the work early to tidy up the desk next week...

Anybody had any success with the medication in this aspect?
I have never been able to have a clutter free desk all my life. I can't even invite people to my house, because I am so ashamed of how badly messy my house is...

or Is this something I can bring it up during meds review to discuss the effect of the medication I'm taking? I don't feel improvement in this area. Paper works, boring tasks, still piling up and gets cluttered, so disorganised and overwhelming...

04-01-17, 08:09 AM
i have no filing system, thats why everything is in those clear pocket folders.
when i really dont need it i throw it away , and if i might want to keep it for reference it goes in a clear green binder

once i get busy its just papers all over! so now i know what the imprtant things are ( just in a random stack of plastic covers) and then when im done with a thing i can just throw away the 10,000 papers i printed out ( i have a little trouble with proofreading and my boss endlessly makes changes to his own drafts)

btw i am an " executive assistant" in a law firm.

I also have to SEE everything. This is actually the first time I've ever had a neat desk.
and then its so easy to leave in the evening, i just slip the folders into a 3 ring binder ( not actually attaching them or anything)

04-11-17, 03:08 PM
Do you use clear pocket folders that only has one opening at the top? or is it clear pocket folder with 2sides open?

I love printing things. When I read info off computer, I found it easier for me to drift off to do something else, or information doesn't seem to sink in as much.

I really wish I could have a neat desk one day.

I think I will try slipping papers into the folders and then into a 3 ring binder at the end of the day. Maybe I will call the binder active to remind myself...

Thank you so much for all your advice!!

04-12-17, 05:05 PM
I try to do as much in electronic format as possible so there are less papers to make messes with. Still messy but would be much worse if I didn't do this.

As far as prioritizing goes. A calendar of due dates keeps me from not finishing on time. I also break tasks into steps with due dates so I don't delay starting to the last minute.

I think a to do list can help but I myself can't seem to stick to them except on very rare days.

04-12-17, 05:33 PM
i wish i could use less paper;
there are still a few partners that need to print everything. at least I dont have to keep up a correspondance file in this job!

i have 2 kinds, one with the top only that has an opening, the other s open on top and side.

04-13-17, 02:44 PM
Op, I missed your comment about reading things on paper being so much easier for you op. That's true for me too. For things that are tough to read without a hardcopy, I print out a copy. But I still file it electronically and then throw away the hardcopy once I'm done with it. If I need to use it again, I print it out agaon. Most things I use only for a short time anyway. Things that I use longer term, I keep a hardcopy of permanently but for me that's rare as our stuff is constantly changing.

04-13-17, 04:00 PM
the thing with the folders, is now i can just throw away the drafts, they don't get all mixed up with the papers i really need. ( fortubately the firm recycles! )

04-14-17, 12:53 PM
I find I can organize OTHER people's stuff but not my own. I wish I could ask someone else to organize my stuff and I would organize theirs...but I don't know anybody else with ADD around here.

07-29-17, 09:07 PM
Sorry- I know this thread is a bit old, but I could not help but comment as I believe that having a strong organization system is so, so important to working with ADHD. As I am finding out, organization may be one of the things that has allowed my ADHD to go un-noticed for so long.

My organization system contains similar elements to Steph. For the most part I find that page protectors (what I believe Step was talking about) to be EXTREMELY helpful, that and super categorization. I am still a college student and I work in a law office so categorization is natural and straight forward in those fields. Every chapter gets their own page protector and every single piece of paper from that chapter goes in there. and then every class gets their own binder which always stays in plain sight! These binders go in a specific location and basically do not leave that location. I keep an accordion folder in my backpack at all times and THE SECOND I get a piece of paper I immediately file it into the accordion file. This accordion file NEVER leaves my backpack or it will never return. Once a week (I set reminders) I go through the accordion file and remove things that do not need to go back to class with me and to GO DIRECTLY into a page protector in to a binder and the binder DIRECTLY back to its location. Doing things the exact second they occur helps me to not forget about them and that is a huge part of organization for me.

In addition, I always, always, always but everything away once I finish a category of things or a night of studying/working. So if I finish up chapter 3 in math and am going to move to chapter 4, I immediately put away everything for chapter 3 in the correct locations then take out chapter 4 stuff. To train myself to put everything away when I was done, I would set a reminder for when I thought I would be done studying and I would force myself to put it all away. After a while picking up immediately becomes a habit. When everything has a specific place you always have a specific time you put it in that place, it is really, really hard for things to get lost. The same type of thing goes for all other desk stuff- have a place in plain sight and put it there the second you are done. This has been my saving grace in college and hopefully will help others.