View Full Version : Struggling With Depression?

03-31-17, 12:15 PM
Struggling with depression?

I too struggle with depression. And I'm here to tell you that the positive approach works. It isn't a cure, it just helps to get us through the worst of it. Our thoughts cause our feelings. Learn to change your thoughts and you change how you feel. It is a scientific fact that the thought comes first even before we are consciously aware of it. Paying attention to our thoughts - some call this Mindfulness - we can learn to consciously exchange a negative thought for a more positive one. This doesn't happen overnight it takes time.

I created a list of positive one-liners that I would read over and over to myself during the worst times in order to change what I was thinking. It takes time but once the seed is planted it will grow.

I reached the end of my rope and I was very suicidal but I had children to take care of. And since my dad went that route I was determined that I was not going to do that to my children. This very, very low point caused a shift in consciousness and as it turned out a very serious attitude adjustment.

Buy and read books on positive thinking and how it works. Be prepared to throw the book at the wall a few times because you think it's a load of rubbish - I did just that. But eventually something began to stick and I would make myself read those books until I was happy to read them.

You have to work at it granted but what is the alternative?