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03-31-17, 05:56 PM
I have been diagnosed with ADHD as a adult (22 years old). I have hopes to join the military in a year. Rules in the military specify that you need to be off meds for a year to join. Would it be worth it to take meds for a year until I finish school and join the military a year later?

I know this is a decision only I can make but I just want opinions from other people. ADHD is really affecting my school work and I feel I need meds badly.


03-31-17, 06:34 PM
That's always a bit of a tricky one.

Are you looking to enter officer school, and would the degree be a necessary (or at least valuable) prerequisite?

Do have thoughts for life beyond the military (or are you looking at a career in the military), and would having this degree in hand be useful for your future plans?

If the meds are likely to make or break your finishing this degree, then think very carefully before you stop taking them. Assuming the military is just as happy to take eager 24-year-olds as they are 23-year-olds, then maybe you could finish the degree, take a year off meds, and then join up (as I think you're suggesting).

Also, how does ADHD affect you outside of school? Do you have problems with traffic violations, drug use, fighting, or other issues that meds might mitigate (and that might get in the way of enlisting, if serious enough)?

If there is an ROTC program at your school, do they provide any kind of academic support? I imagine that being part of ROTC would provide some structure to your day, but probably not as much as you'd get in the military itself -- and I don't know if it would be enough to get you through your final year of classes unmedicated.

Many things to consider as you weigh your options....

Best wishes for you on your chosen path -- whatever it may end up being!

03-31-17, 08:00 PM
Potential (but only potential) hard truth:

Being forced off meds can make the difficult parts of being in the military so difficult that giving up is the only possible option. Not everyone is that way necessarily, but you know that you're on meds for a reason. ADHD is never going away.

Saying "impossible is what I thrive on" etc is just for games - it doesn't work in real life.

On the other hand, if your ADHD is not that bad and you love all parts of the work, you should definitely go for it.

Like namazu said, it's tricky to figure out.

03-31-17, 08:30 PM
If you go off them get fit. This is the only thing that comes close to meds. And it fits in with the military.
Over hear now they can hold it against you.