View Full Version : Traveling Job with Controlled Substances. What else can I do?

Gordon Ricketts
04-02-17, 08:32 AM
I am currently a government contractor and I travel throughout the United States and occasionally overseas. I also currently take 60mg of Vyvanse and 10mg adderall. The issue here is that they are both controlled substances to the point of making them near impossible to get away from a primary psychiatric doctor.

I have now currently been off my medicine for 2 weeks now and off my recommended dosage for all my medicine for about a month. Things are starting to effect my job and personal life. What can I do to get a prescription when I am 24hrs from home?

Things I have already tried:
1.) Meet with a doctor here. New patients require 30 days before being seen so this is no longer an option.

2.) Trying an online video doctor. All covered by my insurance are not allowed to prescribe controlled substances through video according to the video apps rules and regulations.

3.) Getting in touch with my doctor back home. Every time I call they are with a patient and don't return my phone calls, messages, or requests. Asking them to write me a prescription and sending it to a pharmacy doesn't make them any money so they don't seem to be interested.

4.) Trying other medicine. Strattera and Wellbutrin were recommended to me from an online video doctor even though my vyvanse works very well. My insurance will not accept coverage of either medications and strattera was $1000 to get it so I didn't even ask about the Wellbutrin. This is no longer an option.

I seem to have exhausted all options of getting my medicine right now except for maybe one but I want to hear what you all think. I'm struggling here, can anyone shed a little light?

Thanks and best regards,

04-02-17, 01:34 PM

First, I hope that isn't your real name and if it is change it ASAP!

Can you get a psychiatrist back home who will return your calls??? That is the first step. Then you can work out with them how to get refills while you are on the road.

04-02-17, 01:45 PM
When I have had to travel (up to 3 months at a time, sometimes abroad), I have gotten prescriptions to cover that period. With documentation of the travel, and a waiver from the insurance company, I had no problem getting 3 months' worth of stimulants to take with me.

How frequently do you stop at home? Getting your doctor to write you a prescription without seeing you may be possible if you've been seeing them a long time and you've been on a stable dose of meds for a long time without any problems; otherwise, they're doing due diligence in asking you to make an appointment so that they can properly monitor the treatment.

It may more effective to explain the situation to the doctor in person.

04-10-17, 11:39 AM
I'm a government contractor as well. I go through my primary care doctor for my meds. Have you considered having them write you a 90 day supply & using the mail-order pharmacy with your insurance? I have done that in the past. I normally only have to been seen every 3 months, however we are readjusting my meds now, so I am going in monthly right now. As far as getting something immediate, not sure how you would do that if you are not close to your doctor. My state, the med's can't be called in, but need a written paper prescription.