View Full Version : Should I seek an ADHD diagnosis? Or am I paranoid?

04-06-17, 02:59 PM

So I'll be going to college here soon, which is already a pretty big step for a homeschooler... I didn't realize how big of a change it would be for me until I talked to actual college students about the way classes and schedules worked, and I'm a bit concerned... I've kinda suspected ADHD for a while; One of my friends was talking about getting diagnosed with it and it really resonated with me. So I did a lot of research. I don't want to really talk to my parents or a doctor just yet tho...cause what if it's not ADHD and I'm just being ridiculous? What if I'm making it up? Just..does this sound like ADHD to you guys?

*I find myself zoning out of conversations even when I know they're important.
*I forget directiosns quickly
*Sometimes I'll leave myself a reminder to do something and I still forget.
*Whenever I'm in class or church or lectures it's really hard to pay attention if I'm not engaged in what I'm supposed to be learning. Even taking notes, it's hard for me to not get distracted by other things happening or (more often) my own thoughts. (If we're walking/working through a problem together, it's easier to stay focused and remember it later)
*I often set out to do something, only to get distracted by something else and forget my original task.
*I often have to go back and watch parts of my class later and understand it better.
*I procrastinate like nobody's business. IE: waiting until the day it gets sent in to write an essay, leaving lines unmemorized until the day before the performance regardless of time allotted.
Note: I think I often wait to start projects until I feel like I can finish it all at once or until I have everything I need to do it, because I know if I get started and have to stop, It's really hard for me to pick up where I left off last time. And once I do get started on a big project I tend to forget everything else exists. (I spent 8 hours painting St Basil's Cathedral and forgot to stop and get a glass of water or to eat something the entire time. The next day I spent an additional 4 hours painting. The 12 hours spent painting does not include mixing colors or looking for tools or waiting for a coat to dry.)
*Car rides are the worst. If they take more than an hour, even if I have brought something to do, I start wishing for teleports.
*When we're in the car and I'm driving, my mind wanders. I either focus so hard on one thing (road/car position, speed, traffic, signs, scenery) that I forget all others, or I bounce between all of them but don't really comprehend any of it. The longer I drive the worse it gets.
*People are constantly telling me to stop fidgeting. I drum my fingers, bounce my leg, shake my foot, crack my knuckles, chew on my lips, chew on pens. If I'm standing I'm always shifting my weight, tapping feet, swinging arms, etc. (I used to do this thing where I'd kinda run in place while I was sitting in the car, but that one got me in a lot of trouble so I stopped.)
*I have a tested reading speed of 525 wpm with a comprehension rate of 87%, but if I'm reading something boring or something I don't particularly like (The Scarlet Letter, Health textbook, Leviticus) it seems to take me forever and I may read the same line 15 times and still not really know what it says.
*I am constantly misplacing everything from pens to pants. I'm getting faster at finding them again, cause I know my patterns pretty well but still.
*When I set out to organize my room I find something I had forgotten about and have a sudden obsession with whatever it is. Whether or not I finish cleaning the room depends on how badly the clean is needed or how much trouble I'll be in if I don't or What the found object is. It takes me forever to get done either way. I'm never sure where I should put thing. (I could put it in storage bin in the closet- but what if I neeeeed it??)
*I get especially anxious about a few things but what it really boils down to is I that I am afraid of failing and lettign down the people around me. I know mom and dad are super proud but I feel like I'm fooling them and one day they'll wake up and realize I'm a fake.