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04-07-17, 01:31 PM
So am I just lazy or what?

ADHD supporting symptoms:

Pacing while talking on phone
Often getting up during eating a meal and walking around when nobody is there to get me to stop
I always figit
I get distracted easily
I procrastinate like a pro
I forget things alot
I forgot what I was gonna say mid sentence
My room is always messy even when I set out to clean it
I always get distracted when doing my homework
If it something I care about I get super focused on it and it is al I can think about.
If it is a project I am interested in I can do it really easily, but I always get board just before finishing it and give up
I can never complete boring homwork
I lose things alot
I forget alot
I pulled up a cat video while writing this and spent about 1 hour writing this instead of like 10 minutes
I suck at listening in class, and in subjects I am not good at and I don't like I can't listen without dazing off or even falling asleep
Even in subjects I am good at and I like, I am only really good at them because I find them interesting so I do extra work outside of class
I am late to a lot of things
Coffee makes me tired, helps me concentrate, helps me be more focused and helps me sleep
I interrupt a lot, not intentionally
I sort of turn conversations to be about what I am interested in
I like to stir the pot in situations.
I drink a lot of coffee
Every test I have taken say ADHD likely
I am always bored
Because of I do stupid and dangerous things, to get a thrill
There was going to be a point here but I forgot what it was
I missed 2 detentions yesterday related to forgetting or not doing homework, and I think there is something else I am meant to be doing now
I drink alot of coffee

Symptoms that suggest it isn't ADHD

I do really well in school
I can remember things really easily for things I like
I can finish homework on time sometimes
My parents aren't diagnosed with it, although I do slightly suspect my Dad may have it
I loose a lot of things but I never loose my keys
I can keep track of numbers and I have good vocabulary
I am a very good reader, even though I forgot what I have read a few pages down
I am always on time to lessons, but only because everyone heads to lessons at the same time so I see other people walking so I realise I have to go to lessons
I often don't talk to myself because I only feel like I have energy around other people. When I am alone I feel like all my energy is drained out of me because I have been running around all day, but as soon as I am around other people I have energy again.
A few of the symptoms only first appeared when I was the age between 12-13, but I did have alot before then
I am not that hyperactive
I don't have that idea thing where people get one idea and string off to another really easily that alot of people with ADHD have

So what do you think? Is it ADHD or something else and is it worth getting checked out for it?

04-07-17, 01:37 PM
I can't say if it's ADHD or something else, but if it's bothering you and interfering with your life (academically, socially, etc.), then it's worth getting checked out.

A number of the things you mentioned could be symptoms of ADHD. There are also a number of other medical conditions and even environmental factors that can contribute, so you'll want to see someone with experience evaluating ADHD in teens.

Best wishes!

04-07-17, 01:42 PM
Ah okay. Would you recommend going to see a doctor or like a school counsellor?

04-07-17, 01:46 PM
That's a tough question.

A school counsellor may be able to give some advice, but (depending on qualifications) may not be qualified to diagnose (and wouldn't be qualified to medically treat) ADHD.

Still, it could be a good start, and if there are study skills in which you need improvement, the school counsellor might have some helpful strategies.

I understand that diagnosis through the NHS in the UK can be challenging, so I'll let some of our UK members chime in with advice on that.

04-07-17, 04:57 PM
I think part of that answer is that it depends whether you have a really good school counsellor who you already know and trust, or if you'd just have "somebody".

04-07-17, 05:07 PM
could be a few things do have a lot things that would say you have it test will give a good indication to it....but again...its how it effcts you as well