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04-09-17, 01:03 PM
Any suggestions for a free customizable augmentative/alternative communication system for the iPad and/or Android? (Preferably one that works with both, as I have an iPad tablet from work, but everything else I own is Android/PC.)

I'm looking for one that is 'fit for an adult' - that is, one that allows customization (because I need words in my field, not just "I want to eat an apple"), is not too simple, and is not at all childish-looking... And is free, because as a grad student, I can't afford Proloquo2Go or any of the 'good stuff.'

This is for myself, mainly for times when I forget words (often I see a picture of the thing I'm talking about or 'just know' what it is, I just don't remember the word for it) or when I have trouble organizing thoughts. (I'm told the latter is likely due to both the disorganized way my brain stores information, as well as slower processing speed in terms of searching through this information. Not a great combination...)

I've been exploring non-fluent aphasia (receptive communication is fine, but expressive is impaired), but can't figure out what it feels like from the other person... It could just be part of the ASD/ADHD labels...?

It isn't for all the time, especially since my peers do not know I have either label, but I'm going to a HUGE conference (CEC) in 2 weeks, and would love to have a back-up plan if something happens to trigger overload... At these times, I "go non-verbal" (I can't find any other way to describe this), and would love to press a key saying "excuse me, I need to go," "please stop doing that" (e.g., if someone is touching me), or other such things... (Without having to go too far into detail, either verbally or visually...)

I had one that was somewhat customizable, but an update made it pay2play, so I need a replacement. :(

Thanks in advance...

04-09-17, 01:51 PM
Just a note: going suddenly non-verbal under stress is a well-known feature of ASD.

04-09-17, 01:57 PM
DVD -- this is true, but I almost never hear about it in the context of HFA... Do you have any sources (preferably journal articles) that I can read on this?

I usually read about non-verbal-ness (and 'going nonverbal') with regard to kids who have more verbal difficulties (i.e., are on the more severe end of the spectrum) to start with... (Then again, I think less research has been done on HFA and communication issues, so that might be the issue I'm seeing...)

04-09-17, 03:13 PM
Everything I could say is merely anecdotal. However, my tiny anecdote collection leads me to believe that it's all the same thing, just less frequent and less prolonged for someone like you.