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04-10-17, 06:41 AM

I live in Ireland and have an 11 year old son with ADHD. Overall he is amazing and doing very well in school. However, he has a big issue with anger which I was hoping people could help with.

He is on Concerta 36mg for the past few years. His concentration is excellent and he is getting the top possible score on his end of year assessments in both literacy and numeracy but... he has a terrible temper and can be quite intolerant of himself and others.

This is hugely impacting on his social life and a friend who has a child with ADHD and also child minds won't take him on playdates because she does not know how to handle him when he gets into this angry stubborn mood so it is causing him to lose out socially.

Has anyone any suggestions, this seems to be much more of an issue in non-structured environments but makes playdates/ camps etc much more difficult.

Is there a medication that would help with this or has anyone any ideas.

04-10-17, 08:28 AM
Some of this could be because of adhd but a lot of times its not. Has he been in therapy? This can help to learn how to deal with anger. I am not sure how medication could help this unless its a side effect of the concerta? Has it always been this way? Its sounds like he has been on the med for awhile now.

04-10-17, 09:47 AM
Some children are just angry kids and it has nothing to do with medication or ADHD. Typically they are missing some sort of internal coping mechanism the rest of us take for granted.

Many of us have a multiple steps/levels in our brain when something we don't like happens...perhaps we quickly analyze to determine if the other person has a point, or perhaps we try to put ourselves in their shoes, think of counterpoints to their points, and ultimately decide that we have a right to be mad and the other person acted unfairly or inappropriate...etc.

And some people just don't go through that in their head they jump from ticked to super ticked, without a pause. their brain has to be trained on the thought process one SHOULD have in those situations.

04-10-17, 12:59 PM
Thanks for replies. I am not sure what you mean by therapy. He has done some neurofeedback for concentration and this has been hugely effective. He also did some breathing programme for anger management with a clinical psychologist which were not so effective. An example is a younger kid kept bugging him at lego camp asking for a piece my son had that he wanted and my son said no. The kid kept on bugging him and he got angry and broke the toy he was making. Does not tend to lash out at other kids but is verbally angry. Hubby had this but said he calmed at about 14. Just wondering would meds help at all or is there any way to improve this. He is due to do a review with the clinical psychologist to see would it help with emotional regulation. Would Respiradol help or more concerta

04-13-17, 01:21 AM
My son is 7 yrs old and exhibited those behaviors, as well. He was diagnosed with ADHD and ODD at age 5. I've had him in play therapy and ive been doing joint therapy with him right after he was diagnosed. My son was aggressive with other children, threw tantrums, and just had very inappropriate behavior when he was around other kids. For him, he desperately wanted to play with other kids, but was scared to. I have learned a lot from therapy with him. For him, he felt uncomfortable around other kids from the start. And the reasons he acted out made sense once I realized how confused he was about his ADHD behaviors and that he picked up on how different he was.

Being a child, he just didn't have the coping skills to deal with his confusion and emotions of being "rejected" or treated differently so he acted out and it was always anger, blaming, and tantrums. I think anger was just an easier emotion for him then hurt. His inappropriate behavior, was from a lack of confidence being around "normal" kids, desperation to be liked, and his impulsive behavior from his ADHD.

My son takes Risperdal as a mood stabilizer along with his stimulant, clonidine, and Zoloft. For his social anxiety, he takes hydroxyzine as needed, but luckily he hasn't needed it in months now that he's on the right medications and dosages. The therapy has also really helped him learn coping skills to not act out on his anger or frustration.

I know how frustrating this is because they're just "too" young and they're our babies. We want them to have tons of friends and a have happy childhood.

My sincerest well wishes for a positive solution! From the home of the Carolina Panthers #KeepPounding

04-13-17, 04:09 AM
Thanks, I have set up an appointment with a Psychologist who specialises in Neurofeedback. He did Neurofeedback for focus before and it was hugely successful.

I believe they have started using Neurofeedback for emotional regulation and anxiety so hoping that will help.