View Full Version : Islands in the Stream (of Consciousness)

04-10-17, 07:17 AM
You there. You're reading. Ride with me dawg. On your right is Mona's place. I normally stop by for her fried Chile peppers, but right now I've got bigger fish to fry, which we'll be eating later.

Hey you - Lockheed Martin - past Mona's house you'll find a camera (assuming it's still there). Look into the camera, if you will, it will display a video of a random day of my life in 1982. Tell me, Lockheed, whether or not in the video I had "Pac Man fever".

The 1982 portal is all well and good but there is an incompleteness that"s almost pungent, and that's pretty intense for something intangible. I digress. Anyway, there"s a mundane state of affairs at a certain man's house, we'll call him John (because that's his name), a 42 year old who right now is on berating Trump and eating Fig Newtons, proclaiming to his date, Listikilily Metaperfektionhausen, "you know, the weight of 7 Fig Newtons equals the force of 1 newton; all this courtesy of our good friend Isaac Newton. You know I knew a person named Isaac. He always *****ed how it just wasn't right he had 2 a's in a row in his first name. I told him to just be grateful he didn't have terminal cancer...What do you say we do it all for the nookie, Listikilily?"

The camera portal to '82, Mona and the spare chile pepper in her pocket, and John with his date, are the American Dream - not like a dreamsickle; that's dessert. Their dream has been realized to such an extent they are woven into the fabric of an American flag, dying of asphyxiation.