View Full Version : faster heart rate when I sleep after Concerta

04-10-17, 08:41 AM
Hi all,

I haven't found this question on the forum and hope you can help me. I just started 18mg Concerta 12 days ago and the last few nights there have been times when my heart rate has been beating faster long after the effects of Concerta are supposed to have worn off. A couple nights ago, I had what I think was a panic attack with fast heart rate at bed time (never had one of those before). Last night, and this morning, just before falling asleep and just after waking up, I noticed a faster heart rate (like after a jog, same as during the panic attack), even though I was completely calm and slept like a baby. Each time my heart rate is fast like this, after I take the Concerta dose in the morning, it quickly returns to normal. What is going on?

Thanks for you help!