View Full Version : Concerta 36 started last week. Sooo sleepy. But it wasn't like that before

04-10-17, 03:45 PM
I used to take Concerta over a year ago. It was great. Made me feel focused an alert. Then my psych closed shop. And did see a psychiatrist for over a year. Just found a new one and saw him at the end of last month. I told him how I was on Concerta 36 when I was last treated and how great it was. He prescribed the Concerta 36mg I started it the next day. I've been on it a little over a week. And it's made me so sleepy and out of it! Its weird because I didn't have these side effects when I was on it before. I don't know if maybe they changed the formula since then or what. Or if it's just me.

I called my psychiatrist today and he told me to stop taking it and we would talk about it at my appointment this Thursday.

Also is it ok to just stop it like that?

04-19-17, 01:34 PM
Update. I feel so silly now lol

I stopped taking it but then this Sunday decided to try it once more just to see since I was home. Wouldn't you know. I end up on a cleaning binge. Even help dd put a puzzle together.
I realized I took it later in the morning AFTER breakfast! I'd been taking it on an empty stomach with coffee. So I decided to restart it on Monday and take it a little while after bkfast. No sleepiness. Tried it again Tues. Again no sleepiness and I felt alert. Called my doctor and told him he says that was probably the problem and to continue and call for follow up.

04-19-17, 03:12 PM
Glad it is working again, and that it ended up being an easy problem to fix!