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04-10-17, 03:56 PM

I was diagnosed this fall after a long road of denial. I didn't want to do stimulant due to the side effects and my families history of cardiovascular concerns; however, after trying Strattera for five months I was left with no option as I was facing losing my job.

Strattera helped with my focus minimally what it did do what to help with my anxiety and intermittent depression caused from anxiety and ADHD. For that reason I am still on a 80mg dose once a day.

Three weeks ago I started on Adderall 5mg, gradually working up til 20mg as per my doctors orders. On a scale of one to ten with ten being optimal effectiveness I felt about .5. Virtually nothing. My doctor wants to start me on Adderall extended release. I'm curious: if the 4-6 hour regular Adderall don't work how would the ER version work?

She avoided other medications because of my anxiety which, prior to Strattera is extreme. My anxiety is worse now than it has been in awhile, but that started before I began Adderall due to the increasingly negative life circumstances attributed to untreated ADHD.

Thank you all!

04-10-17, 07:03 PM
There could be a huge difference between how the ir and xr works. It has to do with the way its released. The basic info says its like taking one dose and then 4 hours later a second dose. Thats what they say its like. For me, the ir med didnt work, I take the xr version as if it was ir, so I take 20mg xr three times a day. I also take a dex booster. Even though the xr is supposed to be about how it is released in the body, I think alot of it has to do with how your body uses the medication and in some cases the exact same medications that are supposed to be the same, actually act differenly in some people.

04-10-17, 10:01 PM
Medications don't follow the consistent logic you have outlined. If they did, doctors wouldn't have to engage in the trial-and-error process that you and pretty much all of us are engaged in.

I have taken the short term Adderall and felt virtually nothing ... The extended relief is far more effective for me ... In fact, the extended relief is more effective for me at a lower dose than the short-term version was at a higher dose. Go figure.

These meds interact with our unique bodies and unique brains and unique personalities and thinking styles and habits ...

You really have to be systematic: try each medication at a range of dosages in short term version ... then at range of doses for long-term versions ...Try different medications that on paper seem similar.

I'll even make things more interesting ... the short term Adderall doesn't feel very effective to you now ... well guess what? ... the extended release Adderall didn't impress me the first time I was on it 9 years ago. Now I find it really strong and helpful.

BTW: the question you ask here, I have learned, is the question that we really benefit from asking our doctors. You want to pose a question just like this to the prescribing doctor and have him justify his thinking to you ... I don't know if it's placebo effect or what, but I seem to need to trust a doctor for things to really really work well ... By trust, I mean doctor prescribes x, I know why they prescribe x. Once I begin taking medication X, I'm not second-guessing the doctor. I'm simply focused on what the effect the medication is having on me and how I can work with the medication more.

I used to shy away from questions like this, but I ultimately concluded it was unfair to not ask the doctor this type of question. Why? ... Because I would secretly think the doctor was being an idiot and I wasn't giving him a challenge to explain himself. But when you pose the question and pose it with all the real emotion you have, then the doctor has a change to explain his thinking. Now, if at that point you can't get a good reason, it may be time to find another doctor.

Anyway, welcome and good luck.