View Full Version : Does Straterra make you feel refreshed in the Morning?

04-14-17, 10:13 PM

I just started taking Straterra 40 mg a few days ago and will bump up to 80 mg tomorrow. I've learned that it takes awhile for it to work, 4 to 6 weeks but I feel I'm already noticing some changes. I've woken up earlier and actually feel refreshed where as getting up in the morning is a chore for me. I also have bipolar disorder and want to make sure the medication is not causing a manic episode for me. Any feedback appreciated.

04-15-17, 07:16 AM
I was on strattera a while ago now and all they did was make me vomit, they took ages to work for me
But due to continued side affects of nausea vomiting and stomach aches, i was switched to Equasym XL,
If you are really concerned about it maybe you should phone your psychitrist and ask about it
Sorry I couldn't be anymore helpful

John E
04-18-17, 10:39 AM
I have inattentive ADD and yes, Strattera has a significant impact on my sleep. I don't sleep nearly as deeply as I used to and I wake up easily, like clockwork and much more refreshed than before.

I've been taking Strattera for over 10 years. Before I took Strattera, it wouldn't matter what time I woke up (6 AM or 10 AM) I would be dis-oriented and felt like I could easily sleep for another 3 hours. Additionally, a bomb would have to go off in order to wake me up in the middle of the night. The Snooze button was my best friend. Now, I frequently wake up just before the alarm goes off and I hop out of bed with relative ease.

In fact, this is how I know if I accidentally forgot to take the medication on any given day. I struggle to get out of bed the following day.

So, yes - it would seem this is most likely an impact of the medication - unrelated to any interaction with bipolar depression.