View Full Version : quitting - will taking adderall restart withdrawal symptom timeline?

04-14-17, 10:42 PM
hello! i stopped taking adderall xr 20mg 3 days ago after taking it for a few months. let me tell ya it has been real tough trying not to nap (nap = laying in bed with my eyes closed trying to sleep). i have to work an 8hr shift tomorrow on my feet that i'm REALLY hoping i don't pass out during, and i want to take adderall but don't want to break the chain / potentially have to start the withdrawal symptoms over from scratch? or would it be more similar to weaning off the drug? i was hoping to be over this lethargy and brain fog in a couple of days and don't want to risk making it last longer. what do you guys think?

04-15-17, 12:18 AM
Why quit?

04-15-17, 01:33 AM
What started you on Adderall and how did you decide to quit?

Brain fog is often experienced by people with ADHD.

04-15-17, 07:15 PM
What started you on Adderall and how did you decide to quit?

Brain fog is often experienced by people with ADHD.

yeah i have adhd so i guess i mean, more brain fog than usual. or rather reacquainting myself with it?
i started taking it to help with school but lately i've been disliking it re: feeling like a zombie and getting mad at people when they distract me from what i'm doing lol. and i don't like feeling dependant on anything so i figured i'd quit now that i'm on summer break or at least take it once in a while if i feel i really need it.

04-15-17, 09:23 PM
I would have thought, based on inquiries to my previous shrink, that "withdrawal" wouldn't be a factor (for therapeutic doses). However, I have "PI", and sleep issues, which you alluded to, may appear with hyperactive. If you need to titrate I would recommend getting an IR (like Adderall or Ritalin). Also, do you plan on trying another med? ADHD med is the only med that addressed ALL of my deviant psychological symptoms to one extent or another, and makes me Rob 2.0 as opposed to my beta version....Incidentally, my beta version was user tested for years, but the manufacturer didn't have the wherewithal for a proper version implementation "without a prescription"....=>|

04-17-17, 08:24 AM
This is my feeling: ADHD is a 24/7 thing. It is a real disorder with legitimate medical treatment. People are dependent on a lot of things. Glasses, antidepressants, insulin. Irts not the same as addiction if that is what you are thinking. I dont see the point of taking it once in a while because to me, that seems to be more about performance enhancing and less about treatment.

04-25-17, 04:03 PM
I have no advice to dispense, but from experience, if I don't take my Adderall regularly, or forget to take it one morning, I get excessively drowsy and have trouble staying awake—even if I take the dose as soon as I remember. I'm usually out of commission for the whole day. I would hope that if I do one day stop taking Adderall, my doc will taper my rx so I don't experience this.